Describe Perfect Boyfriend/Girlfriend ?!

Dear Old Love,
I'm writing this for you to say goodbye, the goodbye we never actually got, because you said you couldn't do it and in a way, goodbye never felt right for us. I always imagined we would stay friends. That one day, you'd text me like nothing bad ever happened and maybe we'd meet for coffee and talk like we always had, two people with the same values in life.
I wish I could sit with you and talk about your love life and not feel the aching in my heart, but of course, you can't. I can't.
I realise all of it. And I realised it again when i opened that box. The one where I kept all of the sentimental things I couldn't throw away- every card, every photograph, every random note you or I left around the house. I sifted through them and remember how much I did love you and how honestly I saw a future for us together. The words you write warned my heart and made me believe I was worth being loved. You did that. You made me believe I was worthy and even now, I cannot thank you enough for that.
But it's time to let you go. Even though you aren't that person anymore- I hope you find the kind of love you deserve. The kind which I couldn't give you. I wish you live all of the dreams you spoke about so passionately when our fingers danced together in each other's palms.
I hope you don't think of me, but I hope you know I'm so glad that you were my first love. I'm so glad that I got to spend those years with you and that love, that feeling of absolute euphoria. You will always remain in the memory box, not touched my time or reality or the cruelness of this world.
Goodbye, old love.
You can be free now.

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