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Simran Bagga.
Simran tu narajh haii na I m sry that I took more than 1 month to give views to my most awsomee nd beautiful friend nd the cutest girl of last year's 10-c . so here are the viewss
-Yess you are beautiful , gorgeous, cute etc etc but I wont write about it that evry single boy will write about you evn if he knows u or not bec evryone knows it ..
-simran best in you is your beautiful heart yr .
-U r awsomeee sachiiii ..
-your nature isss thee besttt :)
-spending time wid u iss never boringg .
-Your smile is no less than that of an angel :) thankss to god that I got a friend like you ..
-you are vryy hlpful ;)
-youu are veryy loyal ..
-u love to dance on baby doll but dont do so bec den sunny leone will be jealous of you :) :)
-your birthday was really awsome we all enjoyed alott ..
-you dance beautifully :)
-your hair (y)
-u can nvr cheat anyone I can guarantee dat .
-I am always there for you .
-You love coldplay :) you have a good music taste nd u singg really well , seriously u sing vry well..
-I know you are aways there to hlp whenevr I am in problem nd your advises are gud too ..
-you are a perfect girl for any guy nd I wish u get everything u want in your life .
plz never change
love u alott buggaaa :) :)
Stay awsome

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Pooja Sikka
i know i am late but zaada nhi only 1 month . So here are the views about 1 of the few most special girls In my life "POOJA"
-you are awsome
-you are super cool
-yes u are beautiful
-we can talk for hours without getting bore
- you are a very genuine person
- you are cute
- you are the first person whom I approach whenever I am in a problems
- terii advice kaam bhii aa jati hai kbhi kbhi :p
-you love eating momos just like I do .
-you love dressing
-your nature is justtt awsomee
-we fight on small things alott seriously alotttt but all fights end with "chodh na lets stop dis fight you are more imp <3".
-you care for me alot ..
-your moods gets off if I am upset.
-I really like your smile.
-you are veryy Imotional nd cry on small things.
-you dance beautifully.
-evry moment with u is itself thee best .
-I used to laugh when my friends used to tease you by your surname but seriously I hated it ..
-you know I am alwayss there for you.
-you dont have a phone , whatsapp , bbm but girl you have a beautiful heart.
-your favourite song is lagye le tu lipistick nd u will love to dance at it on the next house day .. I will try my best to full fill your wish :p :p
- you love english songs.
-I still remember our talk till 3:30am without having any topic to talk upon.
-you love me nd I love u more
-u know what when I first met you I never that we will become such good friends .
-now we are finally in same section I dats why I love my decision of taking non med ..
-its fun to be with you..
-you think that I dont care about what you felling but yr I truly care about it .
-I trust you blindly
-nd kanjuus where is my chole bhature treat .
-I hate it when you sing "hum modi ji ko lane wale hain ache din aane wale hain " plz stop singing that songg.
- i know you secretly love pasha bhaii of ram pur gaon but he will not give you any bhau oky so bhul ja usse .
-when you cry you look like chutki of chota bheem I know you will hit me after reading this .
-you make me crazy evry time I see you.
-you are to me like water is to humans just like the human survival is not pissible without water I think now I cant even imagine my life without you ..
I think I should stop here because of I keep on writing it will take me a year to give her views .
lovee .....
take care..gbu ;) :)

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My views...??:)

Simran Narula
firstly i m vry sry fr being sooo late
so here are the views
simran narula one of my bestest friends , we share almost evrything
i hate when u rply "hmmm" . plz stop doing so.
you are beautiful :P
we used to talk alot but know as i have taken science so we get little time to talk.
u love gossiping but i hate itt. Yeh hai ashique lover u r.
are talks at 3 am in the moringg are just awsome saying "aur bta" all the time
u love me nd i love u more :)
we have spend alot of time together .....
hope our frndshp remain forever
bs i cant write more i am vry bad at giving views u know wat i took 7 days to write dis much ....

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like =small tbh you and yourr naturee best in the world. you make me laugh nd happy whenevr I talk to u . In such a small period of time we have become such good friends dat I trust u blindly . only one complaint I have from u dat y did u canceled that plan :( I love d wayy u are plz never change

prapti sharma
tysm :* :) it means alott to me .. nd yr woh plan sakshi ne cancel kiaa thaa maine nhii sryy fr dat :(

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