Ask @Harrison101:

Worked at William Hill for a while now, what's the most valuable thing you've learned from your experience so far?

If I had to pick one, it would definitely be learning how to cope in handling people.
Being born with Asperger's, bullied at school, socially awkward, I've kind of had to learn to roll with the punches because retail work and customer service is all I've ever known, so dealing with regular customers in the shops I've worked in, dealing with often angry, emotional or confrontational people, and in the last 6 months I've been managing, dealing with colleagues, how a shop is meant to be running, conflict, shit like that. It's an ongoing thing, and it can be really difficult, but I take a lot of pride in my work and that's what motivates me to keep going.

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How does someone become a guest on Motorsport 101? It is purely just having friends or open to others to possibly expand conversations more?

Yes and no. The thing with us is, we've never had to search too hard to find guests or potential guests due to social media. The pool's always been there. We've actually been approached by people outside of that to be on the show... never quite materialised right, so I'm a little reluctant to really venture out per ce... But if the right person asked, and we think they could bring something unique to the show, we're open to it.
And hey, I personally have definitely wanted more variety in the people we have on, so...

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So do you believe the hype in Lonzo?

Short answer.... Not really. And that's only because the "hype" was bloviated by Lavar Ball*.
*Note: I don't blame Lavar for hyping the shit out of his sons. Any father blessed enough to have three sons who could all be NBA quality would also spend as much time as possible hyping the SHIT out of them. If you think otherwise, I reckon you're lying.
Anyway, LaVar is a walking hot-take maker because he knows the sports culture world we live in THRIVES off of it. First Take. Debate shows everywhere, quotes being the focus of sports news, all that shit. So Lonzo got a ridiculous, bloviated sense of hype, so living up to that, when ESPN was saying he was already better than Carmelo Anthony without playing a MINUTE of NBA basketball that mattered... Yeah, good luck.
I think Lonzo will be fine. He's a great athlete, good passer, and I think the jumping mechanics will be ironed out in good time. Just the combo of his Dad, and playing in LA (Which is one of the league's bigger markets), means expectations are probably way higher than they should be.

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Curry 4....Ye or Nah?.....your Nba champion prediction and MVP?

Think the Curry 4 is the best one's he's had so far, really like them.
I think Golden State will get it together and retain (Again. *sigh*), and I have a good feeling Giannis will end up with MVP, given I think OKC will be a little too good for Westbrook to get as many votes given he now has Oklahoma have George and Melo.

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Thoughts on forza 7?

It's good... just not great. It's a stunning game, but it just feels a little... off. Having every car before it in previous games. Mostly the same content as previous games... Semi-dynamic weather, but no wet tyres for strategic calls. I don't like the Prize Crate addition, Forzathon and lack of auction house show the game wasn't finished on release, etc.
It's still a really good game at its core, but the Forza engine is showing its age a little, and I think the 2-year cycle is starting to give off some fatigue.

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What do you think of Bottas' performance this season in relation to Rosberg in previous seasons? Is Bottas making Rosberg look better than people gave him credit for?

I think there's definitely an element of that in play. Bottas hung on in there through the first 9 rounds or so, but has completely dropped off the wagon since the break.
I always said Nico Rosberg was a LOT better than we gave him credit for, and now he's moved on, I think we've stopped looking at him like a scapegoat for Lewis and realised he was a lot better than we thought at the time.

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Hey Dre, given your job, what do you think of this?

*sighs* Okay, there's obviously a level of "conflict of interest" that comes with this, because I'm a shop manager myself...
HOWEVER, I openly admit, there's a LOT of truth in what Vicky Coren Mitchell said. I've been in the industry for 18 months now, and 95% of issues I deal with, revolve around the FOBT's./ You can win and lose so much money, SO quickly. I've seen smashed machines, guys lose DEEP into four figure amounts, and a movement of the industry from focusing on sports and horse races, into new machine games. I've seen guys beg for money so they can come inside and gamble with it (Which we're not allowed to let happen, government, etc.).

Point is, these machines on a ground level are harmful and probably aren't great. But they also make a SHIT ton of money for these companies, and yeah, if they went to £2 a spin, a LOT of shops would close. So seeing this development does genuinely make me nervous.

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Why do you think is it that some F1 drivers want more races on the calendar (19-21 max) and MotoGP riders say they reach the limit at like 18-20 races already?

Because I think the perspectives are different.
In Formula 1, Liberty wants more spectacles. More emphasis on F1 being a travelling circus, more publicity, etc. It's no coincidence Chase Carey said they wanted 25 Superbowls, like at COTA last year with Tay Tay performing.
MotoGP is an inherently more dangerous sport, for obvious reasons. They're talking more from a place of safety. By the time you get to Valencia, most of the paddock is riding hurt, and carrying niggling injuries. They can't wait to go home and rest up, or have the surgery they've often put off to get through the season so they don't miss rounds in the Championship. Most of what I hear in the paddock say 18 is already pushing it, taking it to 19 or 20, and therefore, more back-to-backs, more travel, and more chances to get hurt... yeah, it adds. It's a factor that for the most part, people in F1 don't have to consider because the minor injury risk is much less.

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