Ask @HarukaSiebenmeer:

Haru-Chan, what does your name mean?

My name is written 春花 - which are the kanji for "spring" and "flower" :3 So I don't have the "same" name like 遥か (like in Haruka Nanase) or 春歌 (like in Haruka Nanami) ^^; I just happen to have the same reading of my name as those characters, but I don't share the same kanji as them, haha (ΦωΦ)

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What languages do you speak?

My mother-tongue is German, along with Japanese and Chinese :3
(with German as my number 1 language of those and Chinese being the worst, haha ^^; - I can't read Chinese.. ;__; damn u Kanjis... or more like.. Hanzi.. `_´ )
And English of course and a little French, since I've learned those 2 languages at school ( along with Latin... )
Ironically I'm also able to read Korean, but without the vocabularies and the Grammar, it's more or less useless ee;;

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