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How lucky you are with your friends?

I have a philosophy: have friends that are ready to even die for you, and ones you would die for too.
So far, I have a lot of friends like that. So I’m lucky?

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Also ye 'kal se pakka', 'subah se scene on hai' kafi arse se chal raha hai ab please on karlo finally

Messenger pay ajao yar, we’re already friends (dunno why)

to phir ja ke so jao

Without US, none of my dreams will be fulfilled. I need to eat, breath and live the SAT these days.

Kis cheez ka wait karrahe ho phir?? Start krdo, time kam hai.

I have a 12AM deadline to do 8 writing practice tests. Hold me accountable.

Court jana pare shyaad, Sara kaam barh gaya hai

Pakistani institutions are very lun tbh. Inko khud seedha karna parta hai.

What the hell, 4 minute ka fark hai. Itna margin to dena hi pare ga unhei, keh dena internet ka koi issue hogaya hoga kyunke mein to 11:58 pe hi submit krdi thi with one minite to spare aise nahi hosakta. Buhat stupid hoga wese agar na receive hui ho unhe

Main pareshan ho raha hon? Nahin. Tou tum bhi apnay maslon say pareshan na howa karo.

I prefer crying and then going to sleep only to wake up with a fucking headache.

That’s not how you will face problems ab say. There’s always a way, but you’ll only find it when you’re not panicking but rather focusing on the solution. I submitted my application, ED ki, 12:03AM pay. The deadline was 11:59PM. And I haven’t received an email from them yet. But I am not panicking, it is no use. I’ll probably email them myself > if they say have it, good. If not > I’ll come up with some excuse and make them consider it.

Beta sath sath krte raho warna ye kal kabhi nahi ae and before you know 1 ajae gi and you will be screwed

I have to write 7 essays Kal sham tak. 2 down, 5 more to go.

Righttt, tumhare sath aise hoga to poochun gi kitna easy rehte ho.

When you have problems to solve or decisions to make, you cannot afford to panic or be anxious. Only through staying calm can you think things through and arrive at a solution, quickly and efficiently.

I am sorry meinne aise hi randomly btana shuru krdia, tum chill karo. And start studying for your SAT. Time nahi hai waste krne ke lie tumhare pass

Lol I’ve been working for so many deadlines, Kal say SAT IA

Aur I was supposed to be on the merit lists lakin jese unho ne mujhe beech mein se skip krdia ho. Baba keh rahe the, they will talk to people lakin Ab to weekend pe offices band hote to jo bhi hosakta hai wo Monday ko hoga lakin it's okay. Insha Allah, kuch na kuch hojae ga

Obviously, ho jayay ga. Pareshan mat ho. Meray sath raho, easy rahna sekh jao gi.


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