Ask @Hashtag_Outfield:

Do you hate periods? (girls on their period)

Haha no I feel so bad for girls on their periods, I can't imagine the pain they go through

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How young is too young?

I'm into mature women so if you're not at least 67 then please unfollow

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I hope you have a wonderful day today 💙

Why do you always flirt with so many girls?

Best feature; eyes

thanks snaphcat me

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Have you met Owlcat - the favorite new beast of the all new ASKfm? What skills should it have?

nope nope nope nope nope

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Who was your first crush? Describe them.

I fucking hate other boys alright. Other boys ruin everything because you can't even fucking talk to a girl anymore. You say one thing and all of sudden she's crying and saying you're just like the rest because so many other fuckboys broke her heart. Like honestly girls go through enough as it is and the fact that they can't even trust boys to be there friend is just stupid.

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do you ever watch porn and Jerk off late at Night then you bust and you're like was it really Worth it. Im gonna be hella sleepy tomorrow. then you wake up half dead like Im going to bed early tonight and you end up doing it again

TBH you are really nice and are fun to hang out with even tho you don't talk much butt thx for being good friend!

Jolie Ebadi
text me! <3

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Than u should date me😂

post a selfie

my snapchat story from last night

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I like ur abs 🔥😘😍💦

I like you

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Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

What do u look for in a girl

a pulse usually

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Happy Halloween! What are you dressing up as? PAP!

costume on point

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It's Obvi me

haha well of course! :) we havent talked in forever snapchat me

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kinda haha

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What does a perfect day look like to you?

sc bffs?

haha me having friends good one

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Pap of ur snapchat feed

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