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God says;
"Whomsoever you love more than Me,
I will take away from you."
And He adds;
"Do not say; "I cannot live without him/her."
I will make you live without him/her."
And the season passes.
The branches of tree providing shade become dry.
Patience runs out.
The person whom you think as a part of you turns out to be a stranger.
Your mind startles.
Even your friend turns out to be your enemy, your enemy turns out to be your friend.
The person whom you love more than your life betrays you.
Such a strange world!
Whenever you think, "It never occurs"
It occurs.
You say, "I do not fall." Yet you fall.
You say, "I do not get amazed."
Yet you get amazed.
The most weird thing is this;
You keep on saying, "I died."
Yet you live..
~ Rumi

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Something you want to say about people these days?

Well, Idk much about them.
But I can say this from my experience that once they get tired of you, they will just leave you. And when this time comes, whatever you say means nothing to them. You will keep telling them how much they mean to you, how much you love them. They won't care. They would just leave. It's a selfish world we live in. :')

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