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When a person apologizes, he deserves forgiveness..

Forgiveness is given through grace. It is never deserved. If it were, it would not be required.

Do you believe in happy endings? ✨

itx_nidaaaaayyyy’s Profile PhotoDeactivate
It really doesn't matter what happens after.
Why do you thinkhappily ever after,the particular phrase can only be seen in stories, poems and novels..?
Why do you think biographies/autobiographies don’t ever say that everything was happy ever after?
Why do you think leprechauns and unicorns don’t exist in real life?
Because there is no such thing as‘Happily ever after’.
Anythinghappily ever afteris so rare that, you have more chances of finding Atlantis or a unicorn. There are problems in real life, there are shortcomings, mistakes, fights, sadness, bursts of grief, deaths, depression, breakups, separations, calamities, emotional breakdown and again…Death.

Does an academic degree guarantee success ?

mirxa18’s Profile Photoزینب مرزا
A short and simple answer. NO. There are NO guarantees in life, none what so ever. Your life is what YOU make of it. Your own choices will determine what your life will be. There are many different choices that can increase your chances of success: Which can also be determined by what you consider success to be.
So choose wisely grasshopper; it really is all up to you and only you.
There was a time when graduating from college was an impressive feat that ensured access to abundant entry-level positions. Times have changed. Owing to a surplus of graduates and changing social attitudes, finishing college is no longer a guarantee of impressing employers.

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Do you believe in second chances??

hoor826’s Profile PhotoIt's Me Hoor..
A second chance to do what? The same thing?
People either change or they don’t. When they change they don’t need a second chance.
If someone says, “it was a misunderstanding, or it was an oversight on my part.” I can understand that, and respond favorably since things happen—we’ve all been there.
However, if darkness comes to light and it surfaces that person was lying, no they get no second chance, since to me, that’s who they are. You don’t get a second chance to lie.

What is one thing you will never do again?

iquu__00’s Profile Photoiquu
There are a lot of moments I don’t really want to repeat, but this one is special - because as much as I want it to have not happened, it is the most beautiful, magical moment in my life.
And this wasmeeting the love of my life, and falling for her.

I don't want to show true love or affection on anyone other than my family

How it's like to be grown up?

fasihaahsan12’s Profile PhotoFasiha Ahsan
Life was fabulous!!Life was happening!
Being 90's kid I couldn't have asked for better!!
Saw the world change at a tremendous rate.
Many discoveries, many inventions, population boom to natural calamities
From single landline phone in the society to multiple cell phones per person!
From box TV with wooden shutters of Videocon to 44 inch Lcds and LEDs.
From 99 in 1 Brick Game to the PS5
From sitting on a basic wooden sofa to comfy leather sofa.
From simple cello waterbags to SS thermos.
From single pair of chappals to dope Nike Air.
From sleeping under a fan to cozy split AC.
From slow as snail moped to vrooming Sedan.
From Shinchan at noon to Pokemon and beyblade in eve.
From family vacation to my first trip with friends.
From simple rotis to pizza and new fast foods.
From Palm sized handy textbooks to gigantic 1000 pages books.
From crying on first day at school to being super excited for first day of college.
From falling in love to being shattered.
From being depressed in University to being a graduate.
Ahhhh it has been a fluctuating journey, but the future is yet to come.

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Lets have a look on profile, After visiting my profile, which single line you'd choose for me! 🙌🏽🌠

Hooria000’s Profile PhotoHOORIA RIASAT
It is difficult to comment on someone on the basis of their ask profile.
Anyhow based on what i was able to understand from your answers
" You are an optimistic person with intangible values and strong belives"

Freedom of speech should have some limits? What do you think?

HArisZamanAbbasi’s Profile PhotoHaris Zaman Abbasi
When our Behavior causes Harm to another Human Being, our Freedom ends…and our Tyrannical Behavior begins.
Freedom is NOT License. License is doing whatever we please, regardless of WHO is Harmed. Freedom is NOT License. Our Justice System should be quick to remind People when they have crossed the line from Freedom…into License.

Does skin color matters to you when comes to marriage?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Skin color is genetically inherited. So, if you will only like people with certain traits, ““I only like people with blue eyes”, you’ll be missing out on so much. Do you only buy books with black covers. Of course not, you buy them for their content. Our skin is our cover, but our content is not related in anyway to our skin just as a black covered book does not necessarily have content we desire.
I personally believe all this color, caste, prejudicial hype is founded on fear. It’s like certain religious groups forbid their members from trick or treat, because they believe there is some satanic correlation. If your faith is so weak that you cannot interface with people of different viewpoints and you must avoid them, I’d say you need to work on your faith.

Would you Rather have Endless money or Endless love?

likemee5220’s Profile PhotoMahira butt
Assuming, I have everlasting love , that implies everybody in the world loves me… which means that I will have definitely more economic opportunities then I might even appreciate.
All in all, i will have both by electing the later one.
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Jis sy pyar krty ho agr woh jana chahy. to us jany dena chaiye yah rok lena chaiye ? :)

Xaniyasajjad’s Profile PhotoZAINIYA
“If you love someone, let them go”.
This phrase shows an unconditional love.
This means if your flame choose to leave you for somebody else or just leave you, you will let them go if you truly and unconditionally love them. Jealousy and pain comes from low self-esteem, possession, hurt ego, dependency, and unfulfilled expectations of the other person. Non of which speaks of love for another person. This phrase is completely self-less. Unconditional love is to love somebody unconditionally no matter what they do, think, believe, etc. It is a complete and utter respect for another human’s free will.

Is it necessary to block each other after breakup?

All depends on the situation you are right now.
If you feel that she is pestering you even after break up, block her.
If you feel hurt by her presence, although virtual, block her.
If her presence reminds you about the bad memories, block her.
If she’s just rubbing salt on the break up which pisses you off, making you depressed, definitely block her.
Overall, if you are not genuinely happy, then there is no reason of not blocking her. There is a reason why she is your ex and not your present :)
Live your life, stop bothering about people.
Stay happy and blessed.

When is the last time you told somone you love them?

rebelsierra’s Profile Photoروحِ من
I love you…sep 6,2016! I said her when she left me ! It was the same moment when i said i hate her and i love you!
It was the moment where my love fought with my anger!
My hopes with her became hopeless at that situation! I felt no one without her! I felt a world was leaving me as i thought she was my world til date! I love her still… But i have my life now! Learnt to love my self!
Loving the materialistic world more than her now!

Do you like the person you’ve become?

Javeria144’s Profile PhotoJaveria Khan Baloch
It’s hard to say.
As a child I only saw the good in people and I was really optimistic.
Now I’m cynical about almost everything and loathe the brutal acts commited by humans, which I see on the news on a daily basis.
As a child, I trusted people easily and didn’t feel endangered at all.
Now I have become almost paranoid and hardly open myself up to anyone.
As a child, I was naive and judged the world the wrong way.
Now, I know more about the world but I can’t say for sure if I am on the path of finding out the truth.
As a child, I thought love stories do exist, people know the values of commitements and all ends well as in movies.
Now , i belive surely people will begin to unfold themselves and promises are fake. Infact to shatter someone into peices is a new trend.
Ignorance is bliss. But if I had stayed the same way I certainly would have become more vulnerable and defenceless.

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