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On a serious note I'm leaving because nobody wants to talk to me or answer my questions. Everyone ignores me. I have no idea what did I do to deserve such behaviour. This is effecting my mental health now. Good bye!!

Well if you want we can talk
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99 reasons to die and 1 reason to live. What would be your 1 reason?

Sucide bar bar qayamat tk krta rhna para GA 😂

Sometimes, I wanna walk on the same way as the young generations r doing these days ,but then I came to know k آپکا ایک قدم نفس پر ہوگا تو دوسرا جنت میں۔🙂 So plzzz, stop judging me personally ,har aik sey achy sy baat krna to aaj Kal aik alg hi جُرم hai

Exactly same here
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Allah ne mard ko ye zimedari di hai k apni family k liye kamaye lakin yaha job wala larky ka rishta dhundny pe larkay gold diggers bana detay. Tm logo ko apni mushkel ki pari h or aurat ko jo bcha peda karne wali pain se guzarna parta ye kamany se kahi zyada mushkel hota. Kahn se a rahy ho tum log?

Gold digger kis na keh Diya apko job wala ko Jo dhond rhi Woh gold digger ni ho skti because job wala billionaire ni hota

Is it unattractive to you if a girl falls for you first and make the first move to get into a relationship?

Nah I always want that if any girl like me she should approach me first instead of hearing it from others.
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