The One Who Fucked Your Bitch

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No seriously... Believe it or not people care, just cause we dont talk doesnt mean I'm not there for you

Biggest load of shit I've ever heard. If you don't already know then obviously you don't care or we're not friends or its just straight up none of your business . If you're "here" for me then you would know and you would be by my side, k thnks bye

Well do you still talk or hang or what

Well um she only texts me when she's drunk if that counts for anything ?

What did she do 😨

Ask her if you want to know, I'm not going to post what happened on here to try and make her look bad. I may be pissed but I'm more mature than to seek revenge out and make her look like shit
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What piercings do you have and want?

Have double nose piercings, two holes in each ear. I want my tongue, hips, belly button, clit, cardelige, and a dermal. Haaa
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