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How you doing♥️

Don't really know.. Quite disappointed in myself.. Becoming careless towards the goals i used to strive for.. procrastinating, paying less attention, much slower progress..
I realized i didn't act upon the plan, how i pushed it to a side, out of the screen... I didn't follow the rules-for-self, not even a single day.. the rules that were set after finding myself in great negativity.. i realized that i didn't follow them .. and i realized it the day when i was supposed to get the fruit of my struggle... When the planned period ended, i was there, Empty Handed...

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How you feel about yourself?

saa_ram’s Profile Photohallelujah
That moment when the reality of your own-self is revealed to you...
I came to know that i am not as strong as I always thought I AM! I am not as brave as I always considered myself! After this realization, I felt like loosing respect for myself ...and .... I cried at things that i used to laugh at!

Thoughts 💭

Chaudharywahab’s Profile PhotoAbdul Wahab Ali
Raat bhi kitni barhi naimat hai. Iski qadar hi nahi humain... Din chahy kitna hi bura guzra ho, sham ko taky hary ghar wapas aye ho, chahay kitni hi larhae huwi ho, kitna hi zalel huway ho, kitna hi ghussa ho, kitna hi roye ho aur sonay sai pehlay kitna hi bura haal ho... Ye RAAT sab dhundla kar deti hai.. subha ko insan taza ho kar uthta hai aur pichli raat ab mazi ban chuki hoti hai... Ghussa, narazgi, afsoos, sharmindagi, dar, ajizi, sab ab b hai magar wo halat nahi...wo bhayanak manzar nahi...
Tou tab raat ki qadar malum hoti hai.. nae "Subha" k baray mai to boht suntay hain magar raat to wo naimat hai jo us buray waqt ko mazi mai tabdeel karti hai. Tabhi to kehtay hain, "Raat gae baat gae"

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What are you thinking right now?

When a person says/does something that is not acceptable but you let it go with a smile because you are hoping for an improvement with time, and then that happens again and once again you let it go cuz you think they are improving and it takes time. But then suddenly you come to know that they have reached a point where you can not bear that anymore and you can not let it go this time because this whole time they were not improving but actually getting worse and your kindness gave them the confidence to step more into the mess. That is the time to amaze them! And to show them who you really are! And what level of misconception they have. It's time to show them their boundaries.
Actually we reach this point because of our own mistakes but still it's not late. Throw away the humbleness and polite tone. Show them who they are messing with and let them know it clearly that there is no place for them around you not even for their apology!.

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What's going on in your life?

Allah muaf kary! Irady b itnay kamzor!
Full mind banaya ta k this time i will try to be fully positive, no fazool gossips, no backbiting, no time wastage, no complaining, just positivity and productiveness.
And guess what! In the very morning i see someone and whispers to my friend, "ye kis manhoos ko dekh lia subha subha".
But still trying to get out of the mess that i am trapped in. (Missing the old Me)


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