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Happy birthday Harry, thanks for coloring my life with your voice, keep give special things to your fans, wish you get all that you wanna get, Hopefully you are always get better and mature in your life time, so happy birthday ^_^

nina sakinah
I'm glad someone thinks I'm getting more mature tell my mum please lol. Thank you for the sweet wishes .x

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happy birthday my baby hazza! you aren't a baby now! you are 22 now. but still you are the same baby for me and always will be. may you have many more! party hard and enjoy because today is your day! checkout your instagram dm (direct message) i have send you a video for your birthday! stay happy!

Thanks a lot love don't worry I'm not changing much just the age .x

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why did you celebrate your bday before the actual date? in my country it is a bad sign so nobody does it

I don't believe in stuff like that but I do respect other thoughts and believes. It's been done as a surprise to me by a dearly loved friend I didn't know anything about it and I loved it .x

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Hey Harry . I know that you won't see this but if you do . I want to thank you for helping while I went through depression .the reason why I'm going through depression is because I almost killed myself due to bullying . Your my hero and i love you

Never give up and always be strong have a smile on your lovely face and remember life will smile back to you trust me love and I'm very proud of you and I love you so much God bless you .H

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what's the minimum age for a girl with which you could have a date?

To me the age doesn't matter as much as the personality of who I'll go out with one day :)

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