Not a loaded question I swear... but do you actually support Marxism, Communism, or Socialism (different things I know)? Or do you just use it to point out how uninformed most right wingers are about Marxism, socialism, or communism?

Both. I occasionally assume more radical stances than even I can support purely because people often are completely unprepared to argue with someone who actually stands for the things they're arguing against. A lot of the people who use 'Cultural Marxist' as a real term immediately crumple when someone openly asks them what specific things Marx or Marcuse or Adorno got wrong. I find it appalling that the people who oppose Marxist writing tend to be so bad in their arguments against it that I can't find someone who can point out their mistakes. It should be really easy to explain where the theory falls down, but apparently it's an unquestioned assumption that Marxist writing is false, just because.
I'm a very far left socialist type with a reverence for the actual philosophers of the communist movement and their writings. While I'm often unsure what to label myself, what I want is a version of capitalism that actually works sustainably, and doesn't simply lurch from crisis to crisis while inflicting unethical labor on places that we don't think about as 'our problem' - working conditions rise in the west because we exported the dirtier, more shitty jobs elsewhere. Whether or not a 'version' of capitalism that doesn't have these aspects could even be called capitalism remains to be seen.