Hbomb, whats your opnion on the interpretation that Phantom Manace's protagonist is actually Jar Jar Binks, and the film being about his rise from the exile from his own society, discovery of new cultures, and eventual overcoming of his fears, and development of his political career?

Nicolas Acorn Trimso
The thing about the presentation of these ideas as 'interpretations' is that they presuppose some aspects of the film are up to interpretation, and not objective facts.
Whatever anyone thinks about the choice, JarJar simply IS one of the dual protagonists of the Phantom Menace - the other being Anakin. Collectively they share a single perspective, those of the weakest, lowest, and most outside of the societies of the story. Viewers who believe they're supposed to identify with the ultra-rich Queen of the culture that doesn't give a shit about the gungans, or the Jedi (who don't fight slavery and support a republic that doesn't even give the gungans a seat at the table) should be viewed with suspicion.
The important thing to remember about this is that A: JarJar and the Gungans and Anakin are the characters whose treatment is a measure for the morality of the Universe of the story, and B: All of these characters promptly disappear at the end of the Phantom Menace. JarJar becomes, as you say, a politician, easily appropriated into the existing structure unchanged, the gungan race are never seen again once they've outlived their usefulness to the Naboo, and Anakin disappears also - when we next see him, we meet a scientologist weirdo who believes the Jedi's bullshit and spent a childhood with a bucket on his head, and has difficulty talking to girls.

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