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is there anyone that you want back in your life?

I have the person I wanted back in my life. So I guess the answer is...not anymore 🙂

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Many professors can't explain whether soul exists as such, and if it exists, then what is it and where is it located. Do you think there is soul and if so, where is it located?

If groove is in the heart...I imagine that’s where the soul hangs out.
On a more serious note.......spirituality can’t be explained by physics. You won’t find a physical location for something like that. Much like you can see brain activity when a person thinks, but the thoughts themselves are intangible. You can see a human body and how the soul is doing it’s soul thing...but the soul is intangible.

Do you send questions to yourself?

Nah I’m not good at coming up with interesting questions. I’d just ask myself stuff like “Are you gonna remember to do your damn laundry?” And the answer will be like “No lol”.

If you are brave enough post a photo of yourself of how you look as soon as you wake up. Can be a simple selfie or a full selfie, your choice. How brave are you?

I have zero issue posting pictures of myself...I was a model. My issue is when people who want to see a pic of me play this game where they try to come off like they’re daring me when it’s just an insult. I guess I’m not brave 😂

What perfume are you wearing today?

Bagels and coffee 🥯 ☕️ because I’m at work and not actually wearing perfume 😜

do you easily fall in love?

Yes and no. With people I know and care about and who show me kindness and caring...it’s happened easily before sure. There have also been people who wanted me to fall for them but I never did. It all depends.

do u know why PewDiePie was again accused of racism?

Probably because he’s racist 🤷🏻‍♀️ being racist doesn’t automatically make you a bad person...it makes you a person that needs to learn. He refuses to learn why people keep CONSTANTLY calling him racist.
He can easily listen to others and learn how to improve his behavior...he just keeps insisting he’s not racist. His unwillingness to listen and learn is literally the problem.

Do u have any tips for first date?

Don’t be nervous, just enjoy yourself. Don’t have expectations. Don’t talk without also listening. Don’t worry about being impressive, just let them get to know you as you are.
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What pain is harder for you: physical or spiritual

🤔 I’m a huge wuss that’s AFRAID of physical pain but when it comes down to it....spiritual pain is probably harder for me overall.

not getting irritated by exclamations: "Every time I look, you always are in the web"?

I feel like I’m missing something? What are you asking specifically?
If someone says something like that “every time I look you’re always online” or whatever....that would be irritating. I feel like I’m misunderstanding.

what's something you would never want to tell anyone?

I’m not sure how to answer this without telling something I wouldn’t tell anyone 🤔

What matters to you most - money, good looks or attitude?

Attitude for sure ✌🏻 aspects of personality, more important than the other things.


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