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Omg girl your so fucking sexy every time I see you I jus wanna grab you an rip your clothes off an make love to you

El oh ellllll

If I was dating you, I'd make you feel special. I would kiss you only when you wanted me to, remind you that you are beautiful and amazing, make you feel like the most important girl in the world(only if you wanted me to)I would give you little surprises every so often. Make sure you know I love you

Awe, you're so sweet. (: who is this???

Im sorry, but even if I told you who I was you wouldnt know me. Im glad you enjoyed what I posted. Just wanna make someone smile tonight. Youre beautiful dont let anyone tell you you arent. Have a blessed night. Maybe ill introduce myself one day

Well, I appreciated it. Don't be afraid of introducing yourself, I love meeting new people. Aha, thankyou again!

If I was dating you, id make you feel on top of the world. Id make sure you knew you were the only girl I wanted. Id care for you. Id hold you tighter than anyone ever could. Id show you how much I wanted you by my side. Id remind you every day that youre beautiful and id never abandon you. Youre su

This is the sweetest thing ever. I wish I knew who this was, because you really did make my day. (: thankyou for the smile. You deserve someone who's as great as you. Cuz you seem like a really great person (:


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