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hom much u love ur sisters? :p

More then myself and I guess this question is total stupid, I don't just love them they are family. :)
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If you could eliminate any word from the dictionary, meaning no one can ever use it again, what word would you choose?

Pussy :p evil aint i?

Heatwaze will be back to Dark World ever ??

Noo idea what u mean but alright lol sure :p it's dark as shit lol

Akhir kyu itnaa pitta h tu??

ahh kuch log shock me pitte he aur kuch kushi me :3 mere case me dono nahi toooo..... bhot jada pitta hu -_- got problem lol :P also i just love when my head get a lil freezed out lol :P mehhh i love drinking :D

Kya kisi ko aapne iPhone 5s dene ka wada kiya tha ? Kya hua USS wada ka !!

i dont remeber ki kiya tha to whom well jo bhi he lemme remind :D ill probably do it :P ijjat ki baat ho jaygi


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