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Try to take some arabic lessons to improve your level in arabic language speaking, try to listen /watch arabic channels, movies or read some arabic books, i'm sure you'll need your mother tongue language (arabic) in your life one day. Don't forget it's the language of Quran

Arabic is the one language i am never going to forget....

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I live in Boston ,my friend at the university turned to islam last month and she decided to wear the headscarf last week and when i ask her she says that she is so happy to follow god's instructions while you as a muslim born who's surrounded by muslims hates to wear it!! strange ,isn't it!

Allah ybareklaha that makes me happy. But one thing you're talking about Islamic teachings and then here you are judging and attacking me when obviously you haven't even met me(I don't know anyone who lives in boston) and that's not what Islam teaches you to do whatsoever. You're supposed to pray for people to be better not judge them and exclude them or make them. Only Allah knows what's in someone's heart. Don't judge people because they sin differently

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