Ask @Heba_alrefai_:

It is super fun even tho i also don't like mainstreams but i tried and it is actually fun and need skills

I appreciate your opinion, but I’m going to pass on this.
It’s just all the hype about it is giving me a headache.. and I wouldn’t wanna be the source of it, for someone else...
Another reason might be that if I wanted to play it, it would be on my PS4. And I’m broke. :)

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+1 answer in: “Please start playing pubg I want to team up with the best”

Do you sometimes feel you are living a dream, or a shadow of something far greater?

I used to.
When I younger, I thought of my life as a weird vivid dream. That I couldn’t get out of. All the good bits and the bad blinded together, and stayed that way for a while...
I don’t know why or when I stopped feeling that way about it, or what have started that period of my life to begin with.
The funny thing is: I don’t remember much of it now.. it’s all just a blur of unfocused memories. :)

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