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Ka aku bingung deh kan mau beli sepatu antara beli kenzo espadrilles atau tod's gommino driving yg loafers....menurut kk mendingan yg mana yah?tolong masukannya ka makasi🙏🏻☺️

kalo lo nanya gue, prefer tod's sih more classy

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Cara delevingne or Barbara palvin?


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Ciao, come va?

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any birthday gift idea for a boyfriend (he's turning 22) after 2 months of dating? thx a lot💋

It depends on what he's into

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What do you do in your free time?

Turner Snider

Sleep, I'm a cat person

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Szia:) követlek:) vissza jön?:)


I'm not Hungarians

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you're absolutely breathtaking and you smile. you're beyond amazing and you deserve the best of the best so never give up and keep your head held high , fight for what you want, and remember that you're beautiful:) follow me on instagram ashdeelite ;*

I bet

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What is your favorite english & non english (except Indonesian) word? And, what does it mean?

Probably & Puta which means bitch in Spanish lol.

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Cewek mahal menurut kamu seperti apa?

Not a hooker, maybe. Idk

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ka cara pede buat kenalan sm cewek lgsng gmn ya?

They won't bite

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apa yang lo sukai dari Bali ?


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Ka, kenapa sih org2 kadang ngerendahin orang yg kerja dulu daripada kuliah dulu. Aku kadang malu sama temen2 suka pada nanya "kamu emang gaada niatan kuliah?" Padahal mereka gatau, aku harus kuliah pake biaya sendiri. Kadang suka pengen nangis:( aku gatau hrs bilang apa ke temen2

Gue salut sih sm yg under 20 tp udh bisa cari uang sendiri, knp harus malu lo harusnya bangga lah lo udh selangkah lebih maju drpd mereka yg blm bisa ngehasilin uang sendiri, lagian dengan lo cari duit sendiri itu bisa ngebuat lo lebih ngehargain uang dan barang yg lo punya, cheerio!

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ya pap pas diving dong foto yg ada

What the hell am i doing

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pap pas diving dong yang keliatan mukanya

Yg namanya diving mukanya pasti ketutupan:(

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Pap+cerita surprise birthday ny dong kk

I know it'll never be completed without my buddies by my side but seriously guys there are no words can explain how thankful I am.

Jd tahun ini gue dapet 4 surprise dan semuanya gagal wk maafkan😂

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Kak ko pendek banget? :'(

Iya, sad nggak?:'(

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Ka,deket sm ka vina?

we grow up so fast

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Happy 4th of July! What are you doing this weekend?

Singing yankee doodle dandy, happy birthday Uncle Sam

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Evan sm jatty apa kabar ga?

Evan baik, jatty blm ketemu lagi

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Kak story dong..

Story about young girl who is separated from her parents as a result of domestic violence in the home. She is separated from her baby brother and is placed in a foster home, and although the home is loving, sometimes the girl’s behaviors reflect anger and pain.
The film maker want foster parents to understand and have patience for the challenging behaviors of kids in care. She said that if there are more than enough families that are willing to serve as foster parents, then counties can select the best-suited families cause it would be impossible to fully understand the life and emotions of a child going through the foster care system. They hoped the film encourages families to consider foster parenting.

you can also donate here

FYI i crying my eyes out when i saw it.

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ka masih contact sm ka evan?


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Kak mudik?

Bdg-jkt doang paling

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May i know riwayat pendidikan sampe sekarang? 😊

Highschool fellas❤️

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