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Against grammar

Haha. Why though?

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Poor grudge Bawa sarkaar

About what?

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Let's make out a quest. Am sending this for anybody who wants to friendship. I I'll untick obviously later

What do you have against grammar?

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who is from NUST

Once upon a time..

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Can you please answer this so i'll know who is close to me. 😩

This answer will only serve to deceive you.

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if i kiss u and run away what u gonna feel??

A kiss, apparently.

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Where is khaleesi ?

Syed Wasi Mehmood
Last seen going to her room.

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No I have the god gifted ability to use while asleep.

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Do you miss summer already?

Only a fool would miss summer in this country.

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Women Logic?😂🌚

Would be a good idea.

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Follow may be!

Abu Faisal
I don't follow. I lead.

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3 AM thoughts? 🤔

Shahroz Khan Lodhi
Wait till 3am to find out..

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Go Nawaz Go

You seem to be a little behind times.

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What to do when there's no one to talk to? I want a good friend. 😶

Abdul Muhemen
Aisay nahi milayga.

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RoOhi Khan
Do I have a choice?

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ever intrested for date

Ajwa is the only date I can tolerate.

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Why is life so boring 😭

Salma Nawaz
Life is only ever as interesting as the person living it. ;)

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Naikion ki koshish karta hoon, papon ki nahi.

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Koi kisi achay se hangout pe kisi restaurant main kisi cafe main invite hi nahi karta... pallay se kha kha ke tang aa gaya hoon... main kia karoon koi to bata dey...

Get a better job.

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Biryani or best friend?

Maheen Chaudary

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Islamabad sa ho?


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What u have learned in ur life ?

More than most.

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If you were to write a book what would it be about?

My observations and experiences. It's something I often consider doing and will do at some stage, in one form or another.

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Can you live without lying at all?

Very easily and almost always.

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