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If you were to write a book what would it be about?

My observations and experiences. It's something I often consider doing and will do at some stage, in one form or another.

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Can you live without lying at all?

Very easily and almost always.

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If you could choose to live anywhere in the world where would you prefer to live?

A place where it rained for at least one hour a day.

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Who did you inspire?

The kid who started breakdancing because of me.

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Whats your instagram @?

I dont have one as such. I made my account in like 2008 but put up a few pics only and never really used it. I think I deactivated it.. I dont even remember the login right now.

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What are you wearing right now? 


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Do you make decisions spontaneously or chart out a plan first?

If my intuition doesn't give me any indications, I do extensive and meticulous planning. For every decision.

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What is the last thing you searched online?

I don't save history. 😎

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Especially since you'll have no idea what the future may hold for you.

No one knows what the future holds but one can make reasonable guesses based on many factors. Will I become the president of the United States in 20 years? Possibly, but not probably. So yes, I draw the strength of my opinions from strong convictions.

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Ho hey. No need to get so salty. Certainly you signed up on an ask forum to entertain questions. Everyone knows you reserve the right to do whatsoever you may please, no need to bring that up unnecessarily. "I will not be dating anyone" sounds like you have a fairly rigid train of thought

You assume too much. I was stating facts in answer to your question. Quite obviously, signing up for means I can answer in any way I see fit, just like how you have the freedom to ask me anything. :)

As for what you call rigidity, I call confidence...with a reasonable amount of certainty.

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How is that relevant?

I could ask the same of your original question. I could also tell you I reserve the right to answer anything in any way I want. But what I WILL tell you is that if you knew me long enough and well enough, you wouldn't have asked that question.

I have never dated, I am not dating and I will not be dating anyone.

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Are you dating hareem shafi?

Hahahaha. How long have you known me?

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What was the last gift you gave somebody?

A US army service knife.

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What you know that others don't?

My secrets.

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what are your thoughts on fight club?

A very interesting and enjoyable movie. Been a while since I saw it I can't recall the fine details.

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What would you change in this World?

Eliminate all the selfish people.

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Why do you or don't you smile back at strangers?

No smiles if they dont smile first. And most likely no smile even if they do smile.. :p

I'm just not into smiles.

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What do you know to be true?

The fact that I always keep my word.

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Name something from the past that you hold on to!

All of it. Memories of everything.

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Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?

Cats. This one more than any other.

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Aliens are coming - what peace offering do you bring them?

Id rather prepare for war than peace. It is far more prudent.

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Name the most random human being you know, excluding yourself plz

I know of no one else as random as me, in real life. However, judging by how much randomness exists in Family Guy, I'd say Seth McFarlane is a very very safe bet.

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long time no see no facebook

Yes. i deleted facebook a long time ago. :)

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How do you usually express your emotions?


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How will you celebrate your next birthday?

I won't.

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Electrical Engineer | Breakdance | Books | Bilingual Writer and Poet | Chess | Eccentric | Sarcasm | Dry Humor | Random | "And many a man blinded by desire, mistook it for destiny." ~ Mine.