Ask @Hellllbender:

Ho hey. No need to get so salty. Certainly you signed up on an ask forum to entertain questions. Everyone knows you reserve the right to do whatsoever you may please, no need to bring that up unnecessarily. "I will not be dating anyone" sounds like you have a fairly rigid train of thought

You assume too much. I was stating facts in answer to your question. Quite obviously, signing up for means I can answer in any way I see fit, just like how you have the freedom to ask me anything. :)
As for what you call rigidity, I call confidence...with a reasonable amount of certainty.

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How is that relevant?

I could ask the same of your original question. I could also tell you I reserve the right to answer anything in any way I want. But what I WILL tell you is that if you knew me long enough and well enough, you wouldn't have asked that question.
I have never dated, I am not dating and I will not be dating anyone.

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What makes you nervous?

Chess semi final, SEECS Sports Gala 2014. My opponent was a young freshie and my reputation had preceeded me, so during the game he asked me what I did when I got nervous. I replied "I dont get nervous." I lost the game after dominating the entire time, and my chance to make further history by securing the third gold medal of my chess career (to date Im still the only person to have two golds) was destroyed forever.
Maybe I should learn to get nervous.

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