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hi, kak! mau tau nih, gimana sih pandangan kakak ttg jurusan filsafat? dan kenapa kah byk yang kea underestimate gitu sama jurusan filsafat? kea blg “ih ati2 nnti km jd atheis” dsb terimakasih kak:)

Kenapa harus dengerin kata orang? Kenapa ga coba tanya ke diri sendiri dulu?

Emang kenapa gue harus pilih jurusan ini? Manfaatnya apa ya buat gue? Kalo udah lulus terus gue mau ngapain nih dengan titel sarjana ini? Apakah profesi itu bisa menghidupi gue? Apakah profesi itu akan banyak bermanfaat untuk orang lain?

Always start with the goal in order to make the right decision. Good luck!

View more I’m not the same user, but since when did we wish to be born at all?

I simply pointed out the fact that she disrespected her parent for no apparent reasons. We're not on the same page here. But sure, let's talk about it.

Since when did we wish to be born at all? Exactly! It's not even our choice, it's something that's out of our control. Yet here we are, living in the present. Can we change what happened in the past, something we had no control over? No. Now let's focus on what we can change, then.

Would blaming your parents change anything? You know the answer. Holding grudge your entire life isn't going to do you any good, either. Just suck it up and carry on with your life.

You always have choices. You can either dwell on hatred and negativity or live your life to the fullest. In my opinion, happiness is just a matter of perspective, it's your attitude towards things that creates the so-called 'happiness'. It's a beautiful world out there once you can clear out the negative thoughts blocking your view.

Have a good night.

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Ada gak sih perilaku umum orang indonesia yang sebenernya ngeganggu tp kita terlalu segan buat negor/ingetin? Kalo ada share dong :3

Warga sekitar yang nyebrang sembarangan apalagi di tikungan. Harusnya sebagai makhluk hidup dengan insting dasar untuk bertahan hidup, mereka tau kalo nyebrang di tikungan = bakal mampus ketabrak atau cacat permanen. Apakah mereka hidup dengan menganut asas YOLO? Apakah mereka adrenaline junkie? Apakah mereka berpikir, "Ini lah jalan ninjaku."?

Masih menjadi suatu misteri.

Mari menjadi pengguna jalan yang cerdas. Jangan menyusahkan diri sendiri dan orang lain ya.

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Suka sedikit engga believe sama moms jaman now~ sedikit-sedikit angry, sedikit-sedikit cry gara-gara kebanyakan nonton drama korea. Nabrak pohon, pohonnya yang sungkem, ada kecoa terbang, kecoanya langsung nyuksruk takut kualat😂 menurut kamu, moms jaman now itu yang kaya gimana sih?

You can't just make fun of the person who put her own life at stake delivering you into this world, the one who would do anything to fulfill your needs pushing her own aside.

Not cool.

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Kak Helmi knp ig nya di lock? Aku udah request accept dong kak? Emang isinya apa sih kok hrs di lock?

Sebenernya isinya juga bukan hal-hal pribadi sih, tapi malas aja kalo di-follow fake account atau online shop yang suka spam. Kalo akun orang beneran mah aku accept kok (dan follow back kalo feed-nya menarik untuk disimak).

Isinya ga seru soalnya jarang post foto, lebih sering update instastory kehidupan sehari-hari alias isinya paling makanan, lagi di gym, macet-macetan pulang kantor, dan juga random thoughts saat macet.

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Kak aku gangguin pacar aku pake fake account. Trus ternyata dia bilang dia gapunya pacar. Pantes aku putusin ga kak?

You're the one digging your own grave. Instead of maintaining your relationship healthy, you chose to destroy it yourself. Maybe that's why he's not happy being with you.

Next time, you should probably sign a contract with a local TV station and make money out of it.

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I'm a gay. Should I come out?

What do you expect from doing so if I may ask? Are you ready to deal with the consequences? Can you afford to pay the price of doing it?

Staying true to yourself is very important, yes, but it could go wrong, and even worse, it could backfire and ruin your life.

If it doesn't benefit you more than what it costs then you might want to reconsider your choice.

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What was the best, most mouthgasmic dessert you've ever had? So good you can still taste it until now, and where did you have it? PAP if possible. Thanks :)

I can't think of any right now.

But I'm a big fan of ramen and udon so I'm just going to share the best three I've ever had so far! They're Abura Soba, Daitokyo Sakaba, and Hakata Ikkousha. Should you know any good ramen place worth visiting, then let me know!

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Recomended kerjaa partime dong kak?butuh uang buat lanjutin sekolah😢

Kadang tuh orang-orang suka ngaco dalam minta maupun ngasih advice. Kenapa gitu? Karena lo ga tau sebelumnya latar belakang atau kondisi sekarang dari orang tersebut.

Misalnya pertanyaan ini, minta pendapat tentang kerja part-time tapi ternyata nanyanya ke seorang wirausahawan di bidang ternak lele dumbo. Bisa dipastikan jawabannya ga jauh-jauh dari bikin tambak lele, kan? Padahal mah yang nanya anak Sastra Perancis yang tinggal di kawasan SCBD. Apa iya relevan?

Hati-hati juga sama orang yang suka ngasih petuah kehidupan padahal mah ga ada yang nanya. Misalnya ada seorang pengusaha muda yang selalu bilang ke teman-temannya yang 'cuma' kerja kantoran, "Ngapain sih capek kerja tapi cuma dijadiin kacung? Mending usaha sendiri langsung jadi bos!" Padahal yang ngomong tuh emang penerus dari keluarga konglomerat yang udah punya nama dari dulu kala, sementara temen-temen kantorannya ini emang harus kerja buat biayain kuliah adeknya, bayar utang orang tuanya, bayar biaya operasi istrinya, etc etc. You can't tell people what to do when they can only do what they need to do, right?

Intinya, solusi yang sama tuh ga selalu berlaku untuk semua orang. Lihat dulu apakah orang tersebut punya kapabilitas buat ngasih advice? Apakah pengalaman dia relevan dengan kondisi kita? Apakah dia akhirnya berhasil? Apakah dia pernah gagal? Pelajaran apa yang bisa diambil?

Be wise. 👀

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How to control my disturbing sex drive that disgustingly high?

It's nothing to be worried about, I suppose, as long as it doesn't affect your productivity and mental health.

If it does, then find a new hobby that requires you to be out in public or in a group of people so you'd be occupied and accompanied most of the time.

If it doesn't work, then you're too wild, my friend. 😂

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Kak helmi, gue lg bingung. Gue diperhadapkan dgn kesempatan mutasi dr kerjaan gue skrg. Kerjaan gue skrg lumayan jauh dr background gue, tp karir nya lebih menjanjikan. Terus kerjaan yg sdg ditawarkan ke gue utk mutasi sesuai dgn background gue, tp jenjang karirnya issuenya sih agak sulit.

Ya tergantung tujuan lo apa dulu nih.

Kalo menurut pengamatan gue, kalo lo kerja sebagai professional, pilihannya ada tiga: jenjang karir, benefit gede, sama comfort--but you can only pick two! Harus ada yang dikorbanin.

Kalo jenjang karirnya jelas, gajinya gede, tunjangan gede, bonus melimpah, nah ini mah udah ga sempet idup selayaknya warga sekitar. Tidur kurang, kehidupan sosial terbengkalai, tiap hari ngosngosan--udah ga kaya idup.

Kalo gaji gede, kerjaannya enak, biasanya ya udah selamanya bakal stuck di situ-situ aja, ga ke mana-mana. Ga berkembang.

Kalo kerjaannya enak terus naik jabatannya juga cepet, ya maap-maap nih biasanya gajinya ga terlalu tinggi. Perusahaannya emang lagi kekurangan sumberdaya.

Jadi, yang mana nih yang jadi prioritas lo? 👀

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Thoughts on 'senior yang demen ngomong kasar -> mengandung curse words maki makian,yg gak layak sambil ngebentak2 gitu,ngajarin sopan santun tpi gak mencerminkannya,ktika ngospek juniornya' dan hide dibalik kata "untuk melatih mental junior biar gak letoy" ?

They probably have no achievements to be proud of so it's the only coping mechanism they do to feel better about themselves.

And they'd very likely end up unemployed.

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Not so important good news, but good for me, I finally understand how to find my own happiness kak! Idk why i feel so relieved after knowing, and it feels like i will never be like a crying mochi anymore. That's all, i think. I hope u do too! :D

I'm happy that you're happy but it's also okay to cry. It's not gonna solve your problems but bottling up your feelings isn't gonna do you any good, either, Mochi. It's even worse when you're getting used to it and go numb you can't even feel sadness anymore.

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Emang bagi lo agama nomer berapa

Well, if you didn't understand what I was saying, let me spell it out for you.

Asking others' belief is a completely ignorant act reserved only for uneducated people. No, you don't even need education to understand that. All it takes are common sense and common courtesy.

Just like how you're free to believe in your belief, others can also believe in theirs. There's no such thing as the truest belief (because it's only the truest one according to its own believers, and that's perfectly fine).

Be respectful, so you'd earn the respect of others.

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