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Hi. I need an advice. Is it ok to send a message to the girl who almost wreck my relationship with my boyfriend? Its more than a year, but it keeps on bothering me. I just wanted to know the real story because my bf wont like to share it since he doesnt want to bring that issue again.

You can ask her, i don't really see why not, just be really courteous about it, just ask her what happened and everything, don't hold grudges, because what happened happened and you cant really change it, also your boyfriend should be telling you the truth if he still refuses to he's not being completely honest about the whole thing, tell him that you're gonna ask her if he doesn't speak up. keep him informed and then see how he responds. If he's still hiding then dump him, its just not worth it. if you're going to keep secrets like this. both of you are supposed to be best friends,you've got to have each other's back and trust each other. I'm so sorry i didn't see this earlier. i haven't really had the time. Good luck tho i hope you get your answers and all's good. xoxo - N

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Is it normal for 2 people to share a relationship but they don't know what it is? No limits or boundaries, just unconditional support but no name to it. What do you think this is ?

that's upto both of you to label it what you want, if you both are okay with this relationship and all its standards, then that's your decision, just do what feels right. x - N
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Me and my friend kissed..not once but several times in one night. idk what to do anymore. He is never going to date and ik that for sure. idk what to do

have you developed feelings for him? if you have then talk to him about it, tell him how you feel, or you could also just be friends with benefits, see whatever floats your boat. Good luck x - N

why r majority of d guys assholes ?

Well, i have no response to this, people are just assholes irrespective of gender, -_- - N

a friend of mine keeps gently touching me like putting my bangs away from my face when i'm well capable of doin so. do u thnk there's something more to this

Not necessarily, you need to have more signs and not just this, if there are more signs then theres a possible chance they maybe attracted towards you, or this is completely platonic -N

ALL(by all i actually mean all) my friends are in relationship and im the single one. i feel happy for them bt sometimes i feel like im nt good enough(.a 21 yr old girl here)

I can relate to you because its the same for me. Don't think or underestimate yourself by calling yourself not good enough, You're fabulous, maybe you need to wait for the best, i know third wheeling sucks, but till you are single embrace how you're completely independent and you're not answerable to anyone but yourself, flirt around, have fun, maybe it's taking so long coz you dont deserve fuckboys who cant handle you with all your amazing self. :3 much love x - N

He says that he has female friends who like him and dont wanna hurt their feelings...you think that's bullshit?

he doesnt want to commit to you. if he actually liked you he wouldnt care about other girls who have a crush on him. that way its like saying you dont want to hurt your guy friends or other boys who like you by dating him. it sounds stupid right? if he doesnt have any feelings for those girls then why is he so concerned? dont fall for his bullshit. - N

Is it ok for a guy to like someone but not be with her bc he thinks it'll hurt his female friends/ any advice on this

No. like thats stupid. he's just fucking around with you, if they are his friends they should understand that their friend wants to date someone and be supportive about it, he's lying. basically. No 'friend' would ever not be supportive of their friends dating. - N

wht to do if my guy keeps being confused abt regarding us

confront him. if you still dont get an answer then let it be, give it time, be patient x - N

Hw 2 knw if a guy lykes u ?

he'll drop hints, tease you, try to get your attention, he'll put in an effort to get to know you - N

I did ask him abt this ..he says he's not ready to commit yet and if i keep prying more into this he's like idk why. I'm giving him time but I'm scared

If he's afraid, babe you need to move on, or let it be. - N

Is it ok to be more than friends but not dating ? I dont really understand this but my partner wants us to stay this way

its called being friends with benefits. its basically when two individuals do everything people in a relationship, so technically, you're still open to date someone else, and well have more options, and well you just end up hooking up, most of the time this works only if like its platonic, and you dont mind hooking up with your friend, otherwise eventually you end up getting feelings for each other, so basically to sum it up you both are still allowed to date other people and flirt around. and you'd still be hooking up, its the relationship without the label or the commitment
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Thank you for the help <3 The thing with that guy is that he doesnt wanna get into any relationship but still likes me more than a friend yet wants us to be friends..idk all this is messed up :(

just ask him straight up what does he want. why is he so afraid to commit? he only wants to be friends with benefits? talk to him and tell him to sort it out and tell you what he wants precisely. so you have a clear picture. x - N

I really like this guy & he likes me back.it's very evident that likes me but he doesnt wanna date now says if it has to happen it will eventually happen....there's something holding him back like 10%...I'm giving him time but this is messing me up...please help me

You ask him out. You both clearly like each other, you make the move then. If he's still hesitant then give him time and he'll come to you eventually


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