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What do you think about that feeling when you miss someone so much even though he's not that good but no one can take his place! You just miss his existence! But it's already over and knowing new people is not helping at all it just make it worse!

I can definitely relate to you.

But you can remember yourself everytime you get that feeling why was the person so bad? And either you deserve to be treated like that or not? And then make the right decision

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Eh r2yk fl wlad el y2ol el bnat el mfrod ykono rofy3in w fit wl to5an dol aw el out of shape looks disgusting?!

Welad weskha?

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what is the best compliment you have received?

Someone once told me i look like Eduardo Verásategui

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why the last 4 years?

They werent the best haha ..

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I know I'm asking about your opinion of these boys?

Yeah and its not a big deal .. kinda rude but not that bad y3ny

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Law 7ad el t3amol m3ah byt3bak ps anta bt7bo t3ml m3ah eh?

Treat them as they treat me.

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El wlad ele lsa mt3rfa 3la bnt 3l net w yro7 aylha mn awl mara hati ur num dol eh nzmahom? Da 3adi kda

3adyy .. she can say no.

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What if....?

I can take back the last 4 years

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you think you're mature?

Idk but maybe 6,5 there is alot more to learn.

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thick or thin thigh?


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If you removed someone then he blocked you when he found out you remove him what do you call his action?

Well deserved haha

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Your biggest fear?

To be left alone

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Anta law 7ad 3mlk remove mn kol 7eta m3 nfso kda mn 3'ir mt3mli 7aga da ahbl kda wla malo😂

Probably seeking your attention

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Anta f sana kam?


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Msh 7trod 3leh tani law atklm w kda?

Msh harod tany

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Something you regret doing?

Nothing .. every single thing happened to me contributed in making me the way i am today and im proud of it.

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Law 7ad byd5ol yklmk w b3din mara w7da yskot w yerg3 ytklm tani b3dha b yomen wla 7ga da t3ml m3ah eh!

Asiebny menno?

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Hesham how are you?

Im good

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How's college?

Good .. midterms tho 😐

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Then you're not ok with letting your GF to talk to other sex?

Why are you making a big deal out of this .. both of us is free to talk to the other sex as long as we trust each other which we do.

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What do you think about hair extensions?

I mean nothing beats the real hair but they does make so big difference tho.
So i like them i guess.

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What do you think about couples who doesn't allow each other to talk to the other sex because they jealous. Even though you know your limits with the other sex but it still forbidden and frustrating for you to see them talking to someone else?

There is such a huge difference between jealousy.. healthy jealousy and controlling and taking advantage of someone.

No one can forbid someone something like that and if someone accepts that he/she should know it is gonna come to an end sooner or later.

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Eh r2yak f 7war ana wlad a3ml kda 3adi w anti bent mynf3sh t3mly kda

Stupidity and ignorance at its finest

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Something you want to achieve badly?


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