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I see from a question you asked me that you are moving. Where are you moving too, if I might ask? (So happy for you. :-) )

Stephen Ind
too small to mention the name, but i’m moving to a small american indian reservation. idk if i’ve mentioned that i’m mostly native, but i love my cousins and grandmother.
we’ll see how long i last. huge difference between chicago and where i’m moving....

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Do your parents or you have anything in your home that you hate?My dad has a clock plays this annoying chime on the hour and I fucking hated it as a kid!

oh my gooddddd my mom bought this hideous painting of one eyeball, at a farmer’s market of all peace, and it’s just... disturbing. it’s a little too realistic or something. maybe i’m just squeamish but that one creepy cyclops eye staring at me makes me want to die. it’s huge and in their living room lol.

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