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Tag TWO people you follow on ask who remind you of each other

this is just for fun! hope i don’t offend anyone and sorry if i get something wrong.
@redneck_roberts & @walkermomma_2 i think because they both seem like lovely mothers, they both live in COLD states (if I remember correctly), and i feel like they’d get along? just in terms of agreeing abt parenting and politics. idk.
@shehitsback & @mymountainofdreams because i’m pretty sure they live in similar parts of the us? (i’m basing this entirely off of answers like “what’s ur fav thing abt ur part of the country so i might be wrong lol). also they both seem articulate and smart!
@Hayleywilson21 & @redheadmomma because they’re both super put together moms of three (3!) kids! and they’re really articulate and i like following em. and i think they also might live in similar parts of the states?

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Do you smell?

no offense but it’s sooo boring when people’s responses to questions are “idk” and it actually comes across as kind of rude when ur response is “i don’t care.”
i read all my responses and i love readin them, don’t clog it up w lame responses pls!
also i totally understand that i ask specific questions abt things not everyone necessarily cares abt. pls just delete these, instead of telling me you don’t care! i won’t be offended!

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