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Do you smell?

no offense but it’s sooo boring when people’s responses to questions are “idk” and it actually comes across as kind of rude when ur response is “i don’t care.”
i read all my responses and i love readin them, don’t clog it up w lame responses pls!
also i totally understand that i ask specific questions abt things not everyone necessarily cares abt. pls just delete these, instead of telling me you don’t care! i won’t be offended!

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How would you react if your Body Inflated like a blueberry like Violet Beauegarde from Charlie and the chocolate factory

one time i asked “why are you ok” because it’s the name of a great album (would recommend) and i ask goofy questions and i got the most salty responses
every response was like “why would you assume that????? fuck you.”
it’s okay guys. it’s just goofy. i didn’t ask why are you great. why are you mediocre.
i would be Confused

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My boyfriend and I are expecting a baby girl (I'm 7 months) and yet can't seem to choose in between the two last name choices of our list, Angel Grace and Lucille Rose, opinions?

Lucille Rose is such a beautiful name. i love the middle name Rose.
for some reason i don’t love the middle name Grace but i ADORE the middle name Rose.
and Lucille is sooo cute

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