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yeahh but everyone here treats me like shit and thats why i liked having you around cause you didnt put up with peoples shit. you tell people how it is straight up and i dont know how to do that..

Just gotta be confident with yourself, and dont put up with anyones bullshit. Haha

I thought you were coming to Calgary

Noo i was there on thursday, and then im going to be back on the 18th for a couple days

spitting with Daylon, y'all can't handle the heat. we're too high, not talking about degrees. Cause bitch please, I'm so G I'm currently eating cheese That doesn't count I just wanted you to know I'm eating cheese

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Rapping with this jacob guy, hes hella cool, his beats are so fly they'll make ya drool. Sooner or later we'll produce some tunes but for now we're just some skids stuck in school.
HAHHA i dont even know
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Aah Daylon we never ever talk, your answers on here are prime though! I always see ya walkin laps at school. That's cool, you're cool.

You made my night. Who is diss? Youre cool tooo.


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