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A person on here really blocked me because they didn’t know me and I wanted to be friends with them so we added each other on snap but then they unfriended me after I sent a selfie so I called them out for their d move. Who’s in the wrong here? 🤔

Kind of hard to say, maybe they blocked you because of the age you may be? Compared to them, or they are not who they really say they are or opposite you weren’t who you said you were I don’t really know

I was on someone’s page here and right when I was about to ask them a question it said data not found. Why could this be?

Most likely because they disabled their account. It’s been happening a lot lately and people are just overall leaving this site In general because of : bullying, harassment, spamming, pedophilia questions and the site has been dying for years and kinda gone downhill

Looking for a boyfriend anyone single

Kirby goes to the vet tomorrow to get fixed ✂️ ⚽️ ⚽️
Poor little guy doesn’t know what’s coming and is just chewing on his toys having the time of his life right now

So rough your own husband once said you would be better off with your ex

Why you keep mentioning the past for?

I hate what you did to Archie and how he is still traumatized by your poor decision. How you came back acting like everything was going to go back to the way it was between you.

I really didn’t do anything to traumatize him, there’s way more to that situation then what you know and I already have discussed it with Archie. I’m not the worse person in the situation, it’s someone else who also done a lot more people wrong and made them out to be the bad person. I’ve apologized numerous times on my behalf of the situation, which I’m aware isn’t exactly going to fix everything. I also don’t expect things to go back to the way they were before, most of that is impossible considering the factors we all moved on and are in committed relationships and such with our partners. However, if Archie needs me or just someone to talk to I am here for him regardless. You can hate me all you want but I would suggest you know the entire story first without judging someone before hand. Kindly saying. Have a nice day Josephina

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Are u pregnant last question n I’ll leave you be but remember I was trying to help

I’m not pregnant but I do eventually want to add to mine and coopers family whether it’s through adoption, naturally mine and his children, or other choices like surrogate etc

You come off as if you still like your ex more than your own husband.

Have you watched any of my videos then? Lol or any of our streaks cause you’re clearly misguided


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