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You have 3 kitties? That's very nice! Do they all get along? I have 2 kitties. One is older and one is really young. We all sleep in the same room at night. The old one sleeps with me in bed and the little one likes to be in her cozy cat bed on the floor.

I have two girls and one boy
The oldest girl doesn’t get along with the boy, he came to us when he was already grown so she doesn’t like him since then
The other one she is ok with the boy, and she’s the daughter of the other girl, so even though I don’t think they realize that they are actually a family by blood they do behave like one 🙈

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What if you won the chance play a character in a new Star Wars movie? And you could choose to be one of three roles, a Jedi Padawan to the main character, an evil general who is highly trained😎💪Or a Mandalorian bounty hunter? Who would you choose?🤔

I would like to be a general, but usually they kill off them in the movies, which I don’t want... soooo I guess a Jedi padawan...

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