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Would you consider (pure) visual novels to be video games, or another form of interactive media?

Chris Charabaruk
Are they on a video game console or PC? If yes, then there you go, you answered your own question. Now are they GOOD video games? That depends on the visual novel in question. If you hang your game hat on the narrative hook, your writing better be the toppest of notches.
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Will indie game developers ever be free of gatekeepers trying to censor their games?

Chris Charabaruk
No, because critics will always exist and have their respective opinions, but that doesn't entail censorship, just gatekeepers, and the industry needs gatekeepers, but not censors. The jump to censorship comes with critics that feel their opinion is the only valid one, and that is where the problem lies: ego.

Other than journalism ethics, what's #1 on your list of things that need to change in gaming?

Chris Charabaruk
Treating your audience with respect need to be the #1 priority of anyone in entertainment. The lack of ethics is simply symptomatic of that lack of respect.
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Which is cutest: two characters who are [in a relationship], [where one has a crush on the other], or [where they have unrequited love for each other]?

Ask yourself: why not zoidberg?

Is "death of the author" a stupid idea, or what?

Chris Charabaruk
Both how something is intended, and how it is received, are important to consider, but they are not equally important. Context is key. We cannot simply declare something is X because we feel it is X, especially if there is no evidence the author intended it to be X.
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What are you watching this season? What's on your list for next season?

No point watching TV these days and paying 60$ to be advertised to.

What is this science you speak of?

Science is the universal language of any technologically-advanced civilisation, ours and others.

You could live in any fictional world you wanted. However you would forever be an ordinary person. In that world. For eg a squib in Harry Potter A non trainer in pokemon. You would never be able to change from being ordinary

What's the question? If I'd want to be in a fantastic world if I was just the NPC? With my chronic illness, it really wouldn't be any different from my place in this one, really.

Do you like board games? If so, what's one of your favorite board games?

I tend to play more deck-building games, Dominion is love. Shadows over Camelot is probably my favourite board game.

How are you doing? I actually mean that. I'd like to know if you want to tell me.

At any given time I'm probably not well. I've lived with chronic illness since I was 11 that is both painful and draining. You get used to it after a while, though. At this moment, I'm just happy to have found a bunch of people who have similar experiences with gaming to overcome those kind of things. It helps more than I could put to words.

If you could have 1 million dollars or half life 3 tomorrow which would you pick.

Probably 1 million dollars. I've had enough of see-saw physics puzzles.


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