Ask @Hikusa:

who is len more closer with ollie or piko

That's hard to say I guess some people would pick depending on what they think is being close, he's really close to both but the difference dwells on how opposite their interactions are
Because with Piko he's very calm due to Piko being like that so they are more about conversations and Len really likes to engage in conversations (look at this bunch of nerds), meanwhile with Oliver's active nature they are more about doing things (which will probably go horribly wrong thank u oli (len is at fault too))
Either of them can bring out of him different things he enjoys a lot so I don't think he would be able to pick who is him closer to, if it's about sharing things about him he trusts both just the same too
It has nothing to do but Len shows more respect towards Piko obviously tho snorts so it's a bit crazy when the 3 of them are together, Oliver would do something weird and both Piko and Len would have to get him out of the trouble with Len almost abandoning Oli but Piko convincing him otherwise

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Why is there a password for the shipblog anyway? Is it to protect yourself or the such? :^0

Naw, the thing is that I change url from time to time for a few reasons and I like to keep some of the urls in case I can get some other use for them but some people follow the empty blogs for some reason so I thought about password protecting them, there's actually nothing inside them omf

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Hello... I tried to access your shipblog, but all I get is "enter password" ;~; And I love your shipblog and nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ;~~;

If you were following it it should still appear on your follow list, if you were not you can message me out of anon on tumblr and i can privately give you the current url, if anything else my email is on the about of my artblog to contact me if you dont have an account, sorry for the inconvenience __(:'3

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whats your favorite old anime?

wobbles a lot that's hard to pick the ones that marked my childhood the most were digimon, magic knight rayearth, ranma and sailor moon
mkr was horribly hard to watch because I had to get up at a certain hour on a certain day and on top of that there was sometimes a city-only live program THAT USED THAT EXACT SAME TIME SCHEDULE I COULDNT WATCH IT REGULARLY UNTIL I MOVED FROM CITY, I also missed a bunch of episodes from the first season <:^( until we had a mega stream with @Yamagen some years ago
If I were to say how much I drew for them back then digimon would come first, also one of my faves (AND WAS DIFFICULT TO CATCH ON TV TOO) that I still entirely love the dynamic of is Saint Tail

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what is your muses' downfall or weakness?

Being put under an embarrassing spot in public........which happens... a..lot.................... . .
There has also been the case before that under a weak mood he'll believe the bad things people tell him and due to his negativeness it drives him into self loathing by adding on it with his own thoughts and what not
He's generally strong about it and doesn't let others do that to him though, he gets grouchy but doesn't wallow in sadness (or tries to not do so)

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