whats your favorite old anime?

wobbles a lot that's hard to pick the ones that marked my childhood the most were digimon, magic knight rayearth, ranma and sailor moon
mkr was horribly hard to watch because I had to get up at a certain hour on a certain day and on top of that there was sometimes a city-only live program THAT USED THAT EXACT SAME TIME SCHEDULE I COULDNT WATCH IT REGULARLY UNTIL I MOVED FROM CITY, I also missed a bunch of episodes from the first season <:^( until we had a mega stream with @Yamagen some years ago
If I were to say how much I drew for them back then digimon would come first, also one of my faves (AND WAS DIFFICULT TO CATCH ON TV TOO) that I still entirely love the dynamic of is Saint Tail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZppUBAPT9w

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