Ask @Hikusa:

If your muse(s) could choose to stay with a different company for a week (for example, miku staying with Zero-G), who would it be and why?

[Len voice] is there any vocaloid company with no loids
He would stay with Kioon though, Len would search for a calmer place and he would be very comfortable having Piko as a roomate, he's good friends with him and Piko's really really chill, he would also get very curious about the tech devices Piko has at home and ask him how do they work or try to understand them himself
he would also want to think that by switching company people would gather more attention to the other loid of that company like he would want to give that to Piko, I don't think he has the enough confidence to think that way but the wish is there
The contrary thought is also that he wishes that by switching company he wouldnt get all the attention and bad type of attention he gets but well
o ye he would also learn to miss his chaotic home even if it's just a bit because the contrast would be pretty big

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Hikusa dime mi horoscopo otaku

Sir Shuletas su horóscopo otacu es CANCER
su gema de la suerte de la semana es ATTACK ON TITAN porque es CANCER igual que usted
Los cancer son conocidos en el mundo otacu por hacer iconos y gráficos otacu de calidá, hace reír a la gente de manera EXTRAÑA con su forma IMAGINATIVA
Cancer probablemente este ESTRESADO así que CANALIZA tus energías en más trabajos otacus para traer su goku a la mesa de cada día pero aguas! no deje decaer de compartir sus cadenas o no tendrá oppai por toda la eternidad
Las CHAIKAS vendrán a los cancer siempre y cuando sigan su HORÓSCOPO OTACU

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¿Cuál ha sido la última película que has visto?

dheoz mio no me acuerdo ni he visto películas este año, creo que fue la peli del blue badger digo ace attorney o la de meduka meguca NO ESPERA YA ME ACORDE CUANDO ME ENFERME EN OCTUBRE MI MADRE ME PUSO MILOCHOMIL PELICULAS uNA TRAS OTRA MIENTRAS MORIA Y LA ULTIMA FUE UN LIVE DE KUROSHITSUJI NO SÉ NI COMO PASÓ ESO

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Hik! do you have any weird tales you'd like to tell????

I'm Hir!
During college there was this recurrent cat on the cafeteria and one day someone decided to adopt him so she took it to her very far away house at the other side of the city
And the next day?? days??? the cat was suddenly back at the cafeteria without their new owners consent
Reminder that my college is in the middle of the jungle on the mountains

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