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Well it doen't even work lol :-}}

Haha ! Okay on a serious note, for me holding a position like one I have rn, gives alot of work and ofc stress. So I take out atleast one hour from my day in which I just revive myself. Gyming, cooking, singing, dancing, jamming anything that works for you is great.
Second I just keep writing stuff. I have my planner at every point with me, so anything that is not done or has been done but still is giving me stress I write it down, close it ,calm my self and then come back to it. If something needs serious attention even then I just write stuff, basically list it and all other factors that will help me get it over with. It reaaally helps alot.
I hope it is helpful to you as well.

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I tried searching count poems on YouTube and didn't got anything worth it. can you please send some link or anything? I would love to know.

+1 answer in: “mostly cliche 'upmayein'. tbh it felt very kamchalau effort on the poetry part. i am no poet (however, i m banarasi). try to read more and learn before you write. dont do this via utube platforms lyk social house, unspoken as they have a bunch of "relatable" content with little literature PEACE <3”