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zehar piyo , zindagi jeo😜

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Ham kahan k sachay thay ?
Dard pee k marte thay
Zehr pee k jeetay thay
Zindagi k dhokay men
Har kisi se lartay thay
Ham kahan k sachay thay ?

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I just replied to someone after more than 2 years 😅 it was an honest mistake.

kar diya kro yar،
khushya pehlao,
humhe bhi kidi ne 3 saalo se reply nhi diya, still waiting
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You aren't someone with whom one can flirt because you are the best thing that can happen to someone.You are the type of person who can rule over hearts with her simple yet charming smile. You're nothing extraordinary but your elegance makes you adorable.I Wish we were friends❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Khush rehna chahiye,


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