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What has been one of the best days of your life

// I can’t remember the last time I had a good day honestly.. //
Tamaki: “The day I met my little girl obviously!”
Haruhi: “Really..? That was one of the best days of your life?”
Hikaru: “Haruhi, the day you first stepped into music room 3 was the day we all came together. Without you, we wouldn’t be as bright and cheerful as we are now.”
Kaoru: “I wouldn’t say bright and cheerful all the time, but you get the point.”

((Well if you’re sure but I’m always here)) boom: “well if it helps my name is Amy” Modern; “if you’re sure kyoya” *seeing the damsel in distress honey cry she goes over to him*

Amy Rose (modern And Boom)
// I’m glad :’) Thank you, I’ll be here for you too. //
Tamaki: “...Amy.. Amy! Yes, now I know I’ve heard of you! It’s so nice to meet you!”
- His eyes sparkle. Honey looked at her, the crying starting to slow down. -
Honey: “...Usa-Chan?”
- The host club freezes up, they thought Honey was smart xD. He seemed to mistake her with Usa-Chan. -
+3 answers in: “((Hey it’s me death, how you doin?)) *and modern amy tackles the twins as boom tackles tamaki*”

((It probably is, aw but I see, do you think you’re gonna be okay? I’m here for ya)) *boom blushes a bit* boom: “you’re really a charmer aren’t you?” *modern just looks worriedly at kyoya* modern; “are they gonna be okay?”

Amy Rose (modern And Boom)
Tamaki: “I suppose so, thanks for the compliment miss.”
- He stood back up, smiling softly. -
Tamaki: “I cant quite put my finger on it, but I believe I’ve seen you somewhere before.. just can’t remember where..”
- Kyoya adjusts his glasses, smiling at her. -
Kyoya: “Don’t worry, they’ll be fine. This happens rarely, but they’ll get over it. There’s never a fight that they can’t get over. Must be hard for them considering they’re with each other all the time.”
- Honey suddenly appears, running out from behind a corner. He didn’t seem to have Mori with him and he was crying. He just hugged Haruhi’s leg getting tears all over her pants xD. -
Haruhi: “Honey? What’s wrong?”
Honey: “I-It’s Takashi.. I can’t find him! H-He was just here w-with me..”
// I’ll be okay. It hurts, but I’ll get over it. //

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+3 answers in: “((Hey it’s me death, how you doin?)) *and modern amy tackles the twins as boom tackles tamaki*”

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((Aw why?)) *boom just looks up at the blonde* boom: “tamaki, it’s nice to finally meet you!” Modern: “I can’t believe it’s really you two” *she then noticing mr grump titled her head* “is he okay?”

Amy Rose (modern And Boom)
// I’ve just been thinking about something.. Someone, actually. //
- He stood there for a second, but he suddenly made a smexy pose. -
Tamaki: “Ah, I suppose you’re a fan of mine, pleasure having you miss. Even if the world were to crumble into pieces I’d stay by your side through it all, my princess.”
- He knelt down, softly taking her hand before planting a kiss on it. oH mY. -
Haruhi: “Sorry to interrupt, but aren’t we on break? Can’t our duties wait till club activities begin?”
Kyoya: “That is quite true, but Tamaki tends to.. go a bit overboard.. surprised you don’t know this by now.”
- Kaoru sighs. -
Kaoru: “Yeah, he’s just cranky sometimes.”
- He nudges Hikaru with his elbow. -
Kaoru: “Stop being a big lump Hikaru, it’s really starting to get old.”
Hikaru: “The thing that’s REALLY getting old is you constantly worrying about how I live my life. We may be twins and all, but that doesn’t mean I need to live my life the same exact way you do. Least I actually have priorities.”
Kaoru: “You? Having priorities? Give me a break.”
Hikaru: “Why you little!-”
- They start throwing stuff at each other xD. -
// WOAH I feel like I just wrote a book- //

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+3 answers in: “((Hey it’s me death, how you doin?)) *and modern amy tackles the twins as boom tackles tamaki*”

((Hey it’s me death, how you doin?)) *and modern amy tackles the twins as boom tackles tamaki*

Amy Rose (modern And Boom)
// Not too good ;_; How are you? //
Tamaki: “Wha-”
- He gets tackled xD. -
Tamaki: “MOMMY! Help me!”
Kyoya: “Stop acting as if you’re incapable of handling situations on your own, daddy.”
Haruhi: “Oh give me a break.. Why do they still act as if they’re husband and wife?”
- Kaoru just laughed not seeming to mind while Hikaru looked pretty angry since he’s cranky. -
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*Bursts inti the room* I ONLY HAVE TO QUESTIONS. Where's Hikaru? AND IS HONEY BACK FROM THE HOSPITAL* *strangling Tamaki*

Tamaki: “H-Hey how am I supposed to answer if you’re strangling me?!”
- He struggled to speak xD. -
Kyoya: “Incidentally, Hikaru woke up on the wrong side of the bed. And yes, Honey is back from the hospital. We probably shouldn’t allow him to have sweets considering he just got out, but I suppose he deserves it.”
- He sighs. -
“Also, I’d advise you to drop him. We don’t want our king being replaced now do we?”
Tamaki: “Replaced?! Replaced with who?!”
// I miss THIS ACCOUNT //

(walks around wearing a yellow hoodie and crying)

outerswap joshua
- Honey saw him from a window in the academy. He quickly makes his way outside before rushing over to him. He tugs on one of his sleeves hoping to catch his attention. -
Honey: “Sir, are you alright? You’re crying..”

Who will be the next person you will kiss?

Tamaki: “Haruhi, obviously.”
Haruhi: “In your dreams.”
// Holy- ItsAlreadyBeenAMonthWellThen //

**a somewhat short girl named Joey Claire approaches-**

Viktor Nikiforov
- Haruhi blinked, taking a glance at her. -
Haruhi: "Oh, wasn't expecting another person to arrive anytime soon, we haven't exactly been getting enough business today."
- 'He' sighed, but started chuckling a bit. -
Haruhi: "Well, I should really stop rambling. What is your name?"
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Hm. *he looked over at Haruhi* Perhaps Haruhi just doesn't realize...

Viktor Nikiforov
- Haruhi looked at them. -
Haruhi: "What're you guys saying about me? I can tell you're talking about me since all of you are staring."
- They were all just staring at 'him' xD. -
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You are fine as wine

Tamaki: "Why thank you!~"
Hikaru: "How do you even know they're talking about y-"
Tamaki: "Obviously they're talking about me you evil twin!"
Hikaru: "Hey! Do you wanna start an argument again?! I won last time, and I'll win again!"
Tamaki: "Nonsense! I'm prepared!"
Haruhi: "Why does this happen every time?"
- 'He' just sighed before exiting the Music Room xD. -
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*metta walked to the twins* hmm. *he's concerned*

Viktor Nikiforov
Hikaru: "You always tell Haruhi how she's such a great friend but you don't even pay attention to how much she hangs out with Tamaki now!"
Kaoru: "Well sorry I'm not an over obsessed freak like you!"
Haruhi: "Why am I getting added to this..?"
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*annd later NM started shifting a bit before waking up, clings to Honey shaking he probably dreamed of Fresh XD* *Annd Error snaps out of it appearing in Haruhi's arms laying head on "his" chest welp he may of found out XD*

Honey: "Oh no! Did you have a bad dream?!"
- He pets his skull trying to comfort him aww. Haruhi blinked a few times xD. -
Haruhi: "You alright?"


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