Ask @HoneyMonsterNoNo:

next projects?

ohh man I have so many unfinished projects... I don't even know.
I trying to work on some "American Gods" vids, but It's taking so long and I don't really have any inspiration. So I don't know, we'll see...

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Кто был твоим героем в детстве?

За что ты благодарен(-a) Интернету?

Как избавиться от страха публичных выступлений и обрести уверенность в себе?

Лето уже почти закончилось,можешь подвести итоги?



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Что делать, когда скучно?

Ri Ne

Кто ближе?


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ты же знаешь об этом видео?

хахаха чет прям ржу
реакшион видео на мое видео
(спасибо что поделились со мной =))

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KRQ: I'm not big fan of this day but out of curiousity I just need to ask... what is your opinion about saint Valentine's day? tell me anything about it that comes to you mind... do you like/celebrate it? how or why you don't? do you love it or you think it's nonsense?

Kate's Random Questions
this gif perfectly illustrates my attitude towards Valentine's Day

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Who is the king and queen of video editing?

favorite scenes with your favorite characters?

Richie licking blood from his fingers

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What tv show on air for more than 5 years and still looks interesting?

game of thrones

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Is there a video which was a hardest to create ? it was a test for you

Well the most hardest for me is any multifandom videos.
So all my filmography videos was really hard to do! And I'm not really happy with results, except Chris Evans' filmography. That one I really like =))

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Tell the story of your first love?

Whos the better editor? Females or males?

Imagine collab of your dream. Who will be in there?

not me, cause I suck at collabs =|

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What a video you made you think is the most underrated?deserves more attention or views

hmm... It's really hard to say, because I think many of my videos are overrated
but this doesn't have many views, but I really like it.
It is different and silly, but I love this aesthetic =))

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what tv shows you've watched today?


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Why all the best vidders are russian?

well you know russians:
we have oil, bears, vodka and best vidders

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the most beautiful vidder?

Is there a character you are in love?

I wouldn't say love, but I really like Richie Gecko.
What can I say I like my boys insane =)))

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