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Do you feel depressed when your at home everyday doing the same routine

No.... but I can fake it I don't want to .. sometimes I do get depressed 😔 I'm not letting get to me.... she's doesn't care 😔
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I love you too the moon and back

Do u remember yet.... u acting crazy 🤪 u don't remember what happened last week .... smh but it's facts 💯
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Do you want to get married?

One day just not tomorrow or next weekend.... we gotta have patience dealing with toxic peoples sometimes it's not going be easy just to get married it's going be long ride to hell sometimes I'm just saying 🙃

But why tho?

Cuz you being racist again 😒 🙄 smh learn how to be nice sometimes it's won't hurt u I'm just saying 🤷

What’s your nickname?

Rick James lol ... u crazy 🤪 bro stop playing all time shawty u keep saying don't care u lying your tail off ... but it's facts 💪🏾🙌🏽

Do you think ADHD is actually a form of anxiety?

Probably it is ... I don't think 🤔 so u probably just bad as hell as a kid u knows what u were doing either ways .... that's why u gotta know what you doing at all ... we all were crazy 🤪 as a kid we just didn't know better back in the days but bet you know better by now I'm assuming

Women want to much from men. Get a job if you want money. I have a low opinion of them.

That's facts 💯 nobody believes me I already had said that in the beginning of time smh...

Ever realized that you were happier after separating from your ex than when you were with them?

That's facts 💯 maybe they were ones doing wrong it's wasn't always me did u look at big picture yet ... or u going keeping acting crazy 🤪

Have you ever been in the wrong?

Sometimes but we're not perfect neither am I ... I'm not judge nobody but u not make me look crazy you crazy 🤪 I know u that's facts 💯
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I don’t love you anymore either.

That's crazy 🤪 but it's a fact u keep traumatized me for no reason you not in love then u might be cheating cuz u not crazy yet but u definitely crazy.... that's a fact 💯
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I still love you and idk what to do

I told u were evil 😈 you always been mean asl ... I'm just used to it but u not trying to change it that's on u .... u not gonna have me looking stupid at all

Do you care what people think of you?

U better care about yourself and not what others said about u .... sometimes just yourself stop taking things as a joke sometimes be yourself .... and another thing stop saying u don't care cuz you're probably lying but u might be acting crazy cuz it's might be the truth

I just dreamt about you.

Did u traumatized me in the dream of me cuz I feel like u keep traumatized me time and time and time ⏲️ again.... I don't know u probably a weirdo .... whatever


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