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Tell me your sad story !

Aik user hain ask par Jin se Meri baat wagira start howi wo shakl se aur unk answers se boaht hi koi achy aur izzat dene Waly insan lag rahy thay unho ne Apne bare mai kuch baatain batain Jin ko sun kar Mai boaht udaas ho Gai qk Meri nature hi aesi hai k mai dosre ki takleef sun kar pareshan ho jati hon unk liye Mai Dua b Karti thi phir aik din unho ne mujhy IG bana.ne ka bola unk Liye Maine IG tk bana Liya waha par baat Karti thi as a friend aur koi BAAT Nahi thi mery Dil Mai start Mai tw wo bohat achy rahay laiekn aista aista wo boaht badal gay ajeeb ajeeb se questions karty thay Mai unko mana Karti thi k mujhy NAHI Pasand aesi baatain wo sorry kar detay laiekn phir Meray ehsas ka faida uthate unko maloom tha k Mai maan jati hon sorry accept kar laiti hon issi Liye wo baaz hi NAHI a rahy thay Mai boaht hurt Hoti thi unki batain sun kar laiken Kuch NAHI bolti thi Kisi waja se laiekn phir tw unho ne had hi par kar li girls ki Jo personal batain Hoti Hain wo pocuh rahy thy jaan kar unko Maine mana b kia laiekn wo bohat baigairati par utar aaye thay unko jab Mai Kuch bolti thy tw victim card play karty thay k aap aesa bolti Hain aur mujhy phir bura lagta tha halanke unho ne Galat bola hota tha uske Baad Mai Kuch kehti thi mujhy pata tha k ye theak insan NAHI hai Jo lagta hai wo Nahi hai laiekn bas Jo unho ne bataya tha mujhy apne bare mai ussi waja se Mai unko Kuch NAHI bolti thi unho ne mujhy boaht hurt kia qk Mai bohat izzat Karti thi unki laiken wo mujhy aik Galat larki samjhty thy Galat batain karty thy boaht hurt kia unho ne laiekn abhi b unk Liye yahi Dua hai k Allah unki pareshani door Karain aur unko hidayat dain 😓😞

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What Is loyalty for you?

Yar IDK But I Think Loyalty is a beautiful thing. It's about being there for someone, no matter what. It's a promise to always stand by their side, through the ups and downs of life. It's like a warm hug, showing love and respect. Loyalty brings joy and meaningful connections, creating a bond that lasts a lifetime.🤷🙂

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I just added a random guy on snap chat and boom he develop courage to treat me as sl*t and asking most personal questions like he hired me and sending his images . Instead of talk it became a sin and in end I had to block him with guilt of adding a random without knowing

Same 🙁
Laiken Meri apni hi galti hai Kisi ko blame NAHI karon gi 😓😞

What is love, according to you? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
Umm Love is a beautiful emotion of deep affection and care for someone. It's about accepting and supporting them, and putting their happiness before your own. It brings warmth and meaning to life Although I haven't experienced love myself🥲 but I understand the concept and recognize the importance of love in forming meaningful connections with others.😊 💕💓

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