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Whats your snapchat

Girlyyswagg7 😂 I was in middle school though okay😂

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What do you notice when you walk into someone's home for the first time?

The smell because everyone's house smell is so unique

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PAP of your favorite person?

What gadget are you addicted to?

Phone probably

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Who was your first crush? Describe them.

Bailey, popular & hardly knew I existed but he was nice lol

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Would you rather wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica?

Snow suit

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it'll make me so happy and make my day so much beyyer

chatous username?

Don't have one

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Tbh idrku but ur rly pretty and hmu on insta--richmondgriner22

Richmond Griner

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you're amazing and I just wanna see


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you have a nice rack 😍

Literally stop

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What do you wish you'd had time to do this summer?

Travel to more places☀️

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If you post a bikini or bra pic I'll leave a long nice paragraph

Umm no, thanks thoughhhhhhh

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Is there anything you care less about as you have grown up? What is it?

Everything tbh💁🏽

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I love you ❤😘

Miranda Rasmussen
Love you too😘

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you're really pretty but I don't know you


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You're super pretty and seem nice

Thank you😊

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you're super pretty


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List all of boyfriend you've ever had

All the ones that actually count😂

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Wait what?

Yeah no matter what he's always been there for me and always will be and same goes for him☺️

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Who's your best friend


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What or who motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

Little sister and brother and Shane lol

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Do you want any tattoos if so where do you want them and do you want any piercings if so which ones do you want

I want a heart on my hip and I already have my bellybutton pierced so that's about it

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