How can I improve my writing skills outside of school?

I was asking a similar question, as I noticed that all of my creative writing pieces for my class were receiving low marks. I decided to try and improve my skills over the summer in the hope of raising my grades. After doing a lot of research online, I came up with some ideas on how I could get better at creative writing.
Read more novels
After reading a few guides online, I began to realize that the type of books you read and your writing skills are inherently linked. I was so focused on getting good grades, that I found that all the books I read were non-fiction texts and textbooks. I decided to make a list of classic novels, and other bestsellers to read over the summer. This helped me to learn more about creative prose and different writing styles.
Do some short practice writing exercises
After reading this article on https://srcxp.com/writing-exercises-for-beginners/ I decided to start completing short writing exercises that would challenge my creativity in different ways. All the best authors are able to write texts that would fall into completely different genres so I thought that trying out different writing styles would help me to develop my skills further.
Start a blog
Another thing that I did throughout the summer was a blog about what was going on. I didn't really share the blog with anyone, but I always knew that it was live for everyone to see, if someone was to find it.
This encouraged me to make my posts as interesting as possible. If I had a boring day, I would develop a short story based on something that had happened to me that day, and this helped me to practice fictional writing too. Basically, just committing to posting a post each day made sure that I was continuously practicing and flexing my writing skills whilst the school was out.
How can I improve my writing skills outside of school

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