Hey luckily I saw the question about your hometown, but can you let me know which jungle, I mean, which country you came from? Then I guess can edit your country of birth on this page: http://lol.esportswikis.com/wiki/Misfits_(European_Team) I'll be grateful if you let me know xD Thanks for answer!

I'm not sure why my country of birth would be included in the wiki page for Misfits, but sure I'll answer it here since a lot of people are obsessed with my ethnicity lol
I was born in Abu Dhabi, lived there for 13.5 years then moved to Canada. My background is from Pakistan, parents were born there. I'm a Canadian citizen, used to be a dual citizen between Canada and Pakistan by birth but I'm not sure if that's still valid (have a lot of backlog paperwork to catch up on).