Ask @Huzaifaa69:

what can you advice to others?

millennials have low self esteem as compared to previous generations. One of the main reason is social media. When you get text , notification or like it feels good because when it happens your brain produce chemical called dopamine which is also linked with drinking,smoking gambling and sex .. the problem is all these things have age restrictions but social doesn’t have Any ... to much dopamine lead to depression and anxiety. So try to spend less time on your cell phones .. keep it balanced

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Ass or Tits? ?

I really don't understand why I can't have both. I like ass a lot, just like any guy, but i feel like boobs are more personal and when it comes to being sexual with a girl, they are more intimate. By playing with boobs you can see her reaction and look at her. Not to mention they get hard get up to 30% larger when a woman is sexually aroused. That doesn't happen with an ass. Ass is great for grinding and dancing, but boobs is for everything else.

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