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#tbh; You seem to be a nice person. A person with whom I would even like to have a conversation about something deeper and reflect together on one of these issues of life. I like your name, it's very sweet, for some reason. I like your profile, honestly.You have some very interesting answers to read

fernanda kaori
Well thank you señora.🌹
We will have conservation some time.
After all, I will get deep conservation partner.
Much love.🥂

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Your 3 a.m thoughts ?

I don't wanna get older than my age.
A message to my younger self:
Live like a legend
-Laugh like a 5 years old
-Don't you fuckin care about this rigid world
-Shine like the star that is
blossoming in this starry nights.
Sorry little me you were too weak to survive in this world
So now I let me take over.I'll show you the way and don't you fuckin dare to leave me alone.
Let me make u the demonic beast you always meant.
As for there to have peace in this body we have pay the price with our blood. So to live this life and cherish it.
Bye little me.

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