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I hear that in fiction, you're not supposed end the story with your character having everything they wanted if you want to tell a compelling story. Do you agree with this?

I disagree. A compelling story is one that grabs your attention and demands you follow through to its conclusion. It's not the ending, whether they have everything or not, that is compelling. It's the journey itself. A happy ending does not undo a compelling story and neither does a sad ending.

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I'm about to start playing Baldur's Gate for the first time, and I'm thinking of doing so blindly. What should I expect?

I've never played that game!
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How many of you QMs and drawfags and writefags and associates do you have on Steam or Origin or your preferred game playing platform? Do you guys play games together?

QMs and drawfags? Mmm... @magicalgirlnoir, @On_TheBounce, and @Airtighttrash, I think. I play FF14 with Deculture, and I seem to remember playing Killing Floor 2 with the latter a few times, maybe... As for preferred gaming platform, well... I really like fighting games, so I'll be wherever the fighting games are! =w=

LIGO just detected gravity waves, confirming more of einstein's theories, and likely ushering in a new age of astronomy and physics. What did you do this morning?

I've been stuck in a meeting room for five hours now. I haven't had lunch yet.
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Which anime do you think has the best OST?

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Don't you agree? It's one of the most remarkable things about the show and even decades later, it still holds up extremely well. Al those memorable tunes... I think if you can remember the music even decades later, then the OST has marked you. How many tunes from other shows could you still hum in two decades time?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUYxiKs2OzwIAmZio’s Video 134450283084 vUYxiKs2OzwIAmZio’s Video 134450283084 vUYxiKs2Ozw
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