Ask @IAreSam:

You listed Turbo as one of the worst seasons, and to some extent I agree just wondered what about it you didn't like? "I'm the new blue ranger!" springs to my mind

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what I didn't like. I definitely didn't like the "silly" nature of it. Obviously I wasn't keen on the child ranger either. I found it harder to like the characters we had grown to love, and didn't think much of the new cast mid-way through either. I guess there just wasn't an overall story as such... just your typical episodic detonator plot.

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Do you play any video games?

No. I haven't played one in years. I'm the most boring person in the world, you see. I used to love playing Alex Kidd, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic the Hedgehog - before games became all 3D and far too confusing and difficult for me.
Oh, I did play a few of the Pokémon games over the years too. I liked those. I played Red, Yellow, Gold, Ruby, Fire Red and Diamond (I think).

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fav Doctor in Doctor Who

I don't actually have one. Having said that, I was like a child at Christmas throughout David Tennant's era - eagerly awaiting and speculating what the next week would bring. I lost this excitement after "Journey's End", didn't really like the year of specials and series 5 didn't really grab my attention. I still watch every episode but I'm not really excited by it anymore. It's a shame really - I loved speculating with colleagues back when series 4 was airing in 2008!

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