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You’ve got a cool vibe, I like it

Thank you, i was helping my congregation at the food bank today. Even though its not a paying job i felt good at least helping prepare food boxes for the less fortunate.

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Favourite bikini picture.

I hate when people put "new post" in their stories on IG 🙄 use the story properly.

Guys do your beards make your corners of your lips kinds sore ? My boyfriend won't grow a beard because he says that is why

I'm not a guy but if their facial stubble is anything like pubic stubble then yeah i can see it hurting but i assume when the hair grows it may not?

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I need to release a load! Can you help me??

Nope, my life isn't surrounded by evil thoughts like that.
The internet ruined humanity because we're all addicted.
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Does tattoos feel different then normal skin?

No idea but since its ink i would assume the texture is different?

Do you have buddha beliefs because they also throat sing and hum

Throat singing or humming doesn't hold a religious belief, you can be atheist and still throat sing or hum.
In my personal beliefs its a calling to God, it's something i do only and its very powerful.

How do you feel close to God?

Meditation or Yoga, i hum or throat sing when i meditate which scares my room mate.

What did you do on Sunday?

Went to church and throat sang when i was doing my nightly Yoga relaxation, sometimes i just hum but tonight i wanted to sing a song i made.

Women lie about rolling the bean, you ladies that lie must not wipe or clean yourself 😂

Well yeah you heard that from me! And i admit i did it but not where i climaxed i already repented my sins to God for it

Are you strong?

If a woman is in a army she shouldn't be allowed to show her bare buttocks online.
They have a standard of honor to uphold for their country they defend.

Why aren't you a Muslim yet?

Why aren't you Catholic yet, we don't have special dress codes only within the church, outside i can wear anything!

Whats a luncheon?

Its a lunch gathering, the church community provides food for all in the church. Anyone like myself who can't cook doesn't need to provide. Its mostly the older ladies who like showing off their kitchen skills and they cook pretty good.


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