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I've seen your scars and it's disgusting you just an attention seeker!!

Really? You've seen my scars? I find that a little hard to believe as I always wear long sleeves or a wristband and I'm ashamed of the fact that they are even there. Attention seeking? Oh really? I'm sorry but when flashbacks from your past, your own worthlessness and failure and the fact that you can barely drag yourself out of bed in a morning because you don't want to be alive force you to want to take the easy way out and end your own life then come back and tell me exactly how dragging a razor blade or a knife across your own wrist and hoping it's the last thing you do is "attention seeking". I don't parade my scars, I'm ashamed of them, they make me feel weak and disgusting, I ALWAYS cover them up, even around the house and in front of family and close friends. I didn't want anyone to find out about them, I've spwnt years trying to hide them from everyone, so piss the fuck off because suicode and aelf harm is nothing to joke about.

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being gay is wrong, you will not go to heaven and you will spend eternity in hell for your sins

lol no
I don't believe in any of your religious bullshit, I'm an atheist. Fair enough, be Christian/Hindu/Buddhist/Muslim/whatever religion you want, but don't go rubbing your stupid fucking opinions in my face like this. So it's wrong for me to have a relationship and love like any 'normal' straight person would? Bollocks.
I care about my girl friend a fucking whole lot more than some straight people care about their's, and I won't have you telling me that just because she's the same sex that its not 'right' to love her.

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