Luke Hurren Williams
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Talking to any girls?

Not atm

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name atleast 2 perfect girls in year 8 your scwl?

Megan John, no idea who else

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What was the last song you heard?

Nelly - Hey *car name*

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You like holly but she doesn't like you back ahahaha!!!!

now that right there is a thing to imply

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Do you fancy anyone?

If dogs never existed, which animal would take its place as Man's Best Friend?


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Awh your cute<3

Awh thanks<3

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Do you like holly? Or another person?

idk how i feel tbh

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Who do you like?

someone who i have never fully met-.-

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If you had a boat, what would you name it?

S.S Luke, I'm vain like that see...

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When was the last time you hugged someone?

Fuck knows

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Well if you wana be in black and wind, black and whites gotta be in you


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Goodlooking girls you used to or still do talk to?

Holly mogford, Erin swan, Rio myhill dunno really

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best looking in glanymor

No idea can't think!

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opinion on dafydd lowe's feet?

Find out yourself Aled...

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First letter of the girl you like

Who first letter

Do you like holly(more than a friend!) ?

idk don't know her well enough

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Do you like someone


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pls pls pls, we go on skype and do it!


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What's been your greatest discovery on the web?


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awesome pic of the sponge bob car lol who's is it?


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wanna rub willies