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Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?

Non-spicy. I am a terrible Korean.

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External personality:
Full of talent, creative, with special charm, making friends from different area. Generous, intelligent, confident and eye-catching, special charm, strong self-esteem, and care a lot about power. Hard work, dedicated, full of ideals, flexible and alert.

Internal personality:
Have a fragile heart, want to do but afraid of getting hurt, have high expectations, but fear of loss, need warm encouragement. What you want is not really much, just want to find a people understand it, and like the real you, then it’s enough.

Love personality:
Always overthink, stuck yourself in the depressing memories, hard to let go. You’re always hesitate, eager to have someone accompany, but not allowed yourself to do so. Because you love your partner very much, and you don’t want him/her to hate or sick you, thus, you act like you do not care. And everything does not matters to you.

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The boy squints down at you, crossing his arms. "Who's going to stop me? YOU?" He bursts into laughter — until you lean forward and, glancing left and right to be sure you won't be seen, twist his cloak in knots until he nearly falls over and chokes himself.

"Leave the first years alone," the Slytherin prefect cuts in smoothly, gripping the older boy's cloak by the throat and flicking him away from you as though he weighs less than a feather. He casts a dazzling smile at you. "From the looks of it, you could've handled that yourself, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't step in, little wildcat." He pats your head and then walks away, leaving Yixing and Luhan gaping at you wide-eyed in his wake. Your knee-jerk reaction is to be flustered when you catch them staring.

"What're you looking at?" you mutter, crossing your arms.

"Lulu!" Yixing squeaks, cupping his hand to whisper to the smaller boy, "is she mad?"

Luhan puffs out his cheeks sulkily. "We can look if we want," he mumbles, blushing.

"Not if she /catches/ us, Lu," Yixing says pointedly.

Luhan's eyes go wide, then narrow speculatively. "Xing, not /now/," he hisses.

[ F A S T . F O R W A R D . S E V E N . Y E A R S ]

You've known Luhan and Yixing for seven years now, and the three of you are practically inseparable. Somehow — you can't believe it yourself — you've become a Prefect. So has Yixing. You expected Luhan to become a Prefect, too, but every time you bring it up he shakes his head with a sassy smirk. "I like misbehaving too much," he points out, tossing a wink at Yixing. It's no secret that Yixing sometimes abuses his power for more indulgent endeavors — mainly ones that involve your cozy trio. Still, while Yixing's perfectly happy keeping his position knowing he's being sneaky, Luhan is slightly easier to read — i.e. he is a /terrible/ liar — and it's safer to just lay low.

"Well, don't expect /me/ to go easy on you," you tease him. You're usually not sneaky; you leave it to them. You're actually pretty evenhanded and take your position seriously, but at the same time you tend to turn a blind eye to their eviler machinations. This technically makes you an accomplice, but you don't really mind.

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You meet Luhan for the first time in the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To be honest, he escapes your notice at first. After all, the two of you are only eleven years old and both of you have other concerns — namely, he is watching out for Yixing while you are watching out for KJ. You're the first to be Sorted. Although your body is trembling with nerves, you put on a brave face as you take your place on the hot seat. You refuse to smile or blush, your mouth forming a stern line. You can hear the Sorting Hat whispering to you that Ravenclaw and Slytherin would be equally fitting choices for you, but in the end, Slytherin it is. A cheer erupts from the table of students clad in black and green as you make your way over to them. For some reason, not a lot of females have been Sorted into Slytherin this year. The loudest applause, though, comes from a very short girl wearing Hufflepuff colors.

The next to be Sorted is Yixing, and the immediacy with which the Sorting Hat calls out, "SLYTHERIN!" seems to confuse everyone. He looks so.. spacey. Still, there's a glint of cunning in his eyes as he swiftly takes in all the expressions of bewilderment.

Luhan is slow to walk up to the podium, his little feet almost clumsy as he carefully climbs the steps and clambers into the stool. At this age, he's noticeably shorter than Yixing and seems to be much more fragile; his blond curls present a stark contrast to Yixing's ink-black hair. "Hm," the hat says aloud, murmuring to itself. "Interesting. Yes, very interesting, indeed. On the surface, there's loyalty and determination, hard work and patience. Hufflepuff, then? No?" Luhan fervently shakes his head, so hard the hat almost falls off his head. "Oh, I see it now," says the hat. "There's something deeper here — so deep, in fact, the common eye would miss it. My vision, thankfully, is far from common. There's ambition here, resourcefulness, and cunning. And — what's that? You want to be with Yixing? The two of you together.. I shudder to think — well, after all, who am I to say? There's strength in numbers, to be sure. SLYTHERIN!"

Little Luhan catapults out of the chair, nearly upsetting it altogether, as he runs in a headlong sprint toward Yixing and grabs fistfuls of the other boy's cloak. "Xing!" he squeaks out, amidst the cheers that surround him. "We did it! We're going to be together!" Just then, a deeper, more mature voice scoffs at Slytherin's newest member — a voice that cuts below the cheers and is meant to be heard.

"This tiny kid is going to be in Slytherin? He'd better grow up quick!"

You happen to overhear this, and the way little Luhan's lower lip juts out in a defiant pout makes you helpless against your own reaction. "Hey!" you snap, stepping closer to the boy who said it. "When he grows up to be taller and smarter than you, I hope you watch your step. I could take you /right now/ — don't underestimate me!"

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The odds of you being "lucky" enough to die of natural causes is slim...but Lucky Luciano did manage.


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You like the simple life and are more comfortable at a backyard barbecue than a fancy restaurant or gala. Family, friends and community are the things closest to your heart – and a heartwarming romance is right up your alley!

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I'm so bad at these! I always get startled by the picture and then stare at it too long.

Oh, that really /was/ short.

I picked the ocean and got:
You are 100% GOOD!
You have a gentle nature and you can never refuse a favor that's asked of you. You always strive to achieve justice, and you take care to maintain peace. You're known to put others before you. You're the first to help out those in need, and you're of service to others even if it means personal sacrifice on your part. People that know you all say that you're the nicest person they know. Just be aware that there are some people out there who might try to take advantage of your kindness.

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You value family. Whether you’re from a small, intense family or a huge, shambolic one, you’d never trade your mad relatives for the world, and you’d do anything for them. Which means, no matter how much you sometimes want to strangle them, the pizza of choice for you will always be a big, crowd-pleasing, share-sized favourite (which will inevitably get demolished within seconds.)

Relatives, no thank you. However, friends that count as family? Definitely.

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Whom have you hugged today?

Not Dongwan, and that is truly a shame.

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Tell the story of meeting a friend of yours for the first time?

I met Ninachu [ @oddsyn ] through a mutual person.

My desire to fully immerse myself in the Korean language while being part of a largely Caucasian community in the United States led me to the World of Warcraft forums. When someone [the mutual person in question] posted about a guild for Korean people interested in learning English and English speakers interested in learning Korean, I jumped at the chance. Funny thing is I never actually joined the guild. After getting in contact with Mutual Person, he introduced me to several people. One of them was Ninachu. So Mutual Person, Other Mutual Person, Nina, and I were all in a Skype chat. This was when I was first introduced to Magic Box [and 방탄소년단].

Mutual Person was trolling Nina about something and Other Mutual Person joined in. I don't remember exactly what it was about, but she sassed the crap out of them. I thought she was so tough and witty, and the fact that she was also interested in k-pop intrigued me. I've been a Shinhwa fan since 2002 but at this point I kind of had stopped paying attention because a lot of things in my life had hit the proverbial fan. So she kind of got me back into the k-pop scene and taught me a ton of new groups.

Thanks to her I eventually learned all the EXO members by name and could tell all the members of B.A.P apart when they all wore matching things and had the exact same color hair — which remains the most difficult k-pop challenge I have faced.

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Shinhwa are super heroes! Decide who: has the weakest power but is the bravest, has the strongest power but is too scared to use it (insert reasoning here), Loves to show off in front of women, citizens think is evil but is not, uses his reputation powers to get favors from others, sleeps all day.

First off, these are the superpowers I would give.

The fandom refers to Ricsyung as "oil and water" — it isn't that they don't get along, but their personalities are as different as oil and water. Likewise, being fire and water, they would clash a lot during planning, but ultimately get along with each other and help each other out. Jinnie would be the typical strongman, but streamlined enough to be speedy, too. This rounds out the physical ability superpowers, but make no mistake — they are all extremely intelligent to boot!

Minwoo's superpower is basically a reality. He can easily go from adorable aegyo to deadly sexyface. It would be easy for him to use his charm to win over anybody necessary in completing a mission; for example, if they need a place to stay for the night, it's Minwoo they would send to the door. Or if they need to go to a hospital and things need to be kept secret, the combination of Minwoo and Dongwan would ensure the utmost secrecy. Dongwan, with his love for photography, would easily remember faces and places; and his hypnotic stare and ability to talk people's ears off would ensure that they would eventually do whatever he wants [just stop nagging, Wannie!]. Andy would be the mastermind. All plans go through him and he is quiet a lot of the time because he's thinking deep mastermind-y thoughts.

So, on that note: MINWOO would use his reputation powers to get favors from others. Maybe JUNJIN has the strongest power but is too scared to use it because through his actions, he accidentally frightened or harmed somebody who he loved. Citizens think ERIC is evil but he is not. DONGWAN probably loves to show off in front of women but it always ends up backfiring. I think Minwoo has the weakest power but for sake of not reusing the names, I will say that HYESUNG seems the weakest physically but is the bravest. ANDY would probably sleep all day if he could. Gotta preserve those precious mastermind brain cells!

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Shinhwa are villains! Decide who: is secretly a hero (/a spy), became a villain because of love, wants to destroy the world, loves to hurt/torture people more than kill, only cares about killing his hero rival (pick the hero), citizens thought was good but is actually evil.

Going with the cinnamon roll analogy, I would say that citizens thought ANDY was good but he is actually evil. Plus he was in a bunch of 반전 dramas; the word 반전 means "reversal, twist, turn around" and the dramas are designed to have a giant plot twist at the end. So it kind of fits for little Andy, even though Jinnie and Eric also starred in several, if I remember correctly. On that note, JUNJIN became a villain because of love. He is very sensitive and emotional, and I feel that if he had to become a villain, love would be the thing that drove him to it. I would say HYESUNG loves to hurt and torture people more than kill him, just based on his propensity for violence, haha. He is a prince, so he would not want to dirty his hands /too/ much, but he wouldn't be able to totally stay out of the action either.

It is a bit harder for me to find out where Eric, Dongwan, and Minwoo fit, since I do not see any of them wanting to destroy the world. If I squint and think of them as playing villainous roles, and go back to the days of the Yo! music video, I'll say MINWOO wants to destroy the world and ERIC only cares about killing his hero rival. This leaves DONGWAN to be the hero, which probably doesn't surprise you. And the hero rival Eric would fight Only because I think they're both very handsome, either Jang Hyuk or Hyun Bin.

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Four biases of yours are cursed to live as babies for pissing off a powerful witch. Which four would you pick to take care of? Which two would be constantly fighting? Which one would be the most clingy? Which one would sleep all day? Also, sort them from least troublesome to most troublesome.

First of all, this would never happen because if I was put in charge of taking care of them they would probably all end up dead somehow. Human babies are very scary.

Bacon, Immy, Sugsug, Chunji. All different groups!

Baekhyun would be the most clingy.

Immy would probably sleep all day.

Chunji would probably fight with Sugsug, because I feel like Chunji would be a bit devilish and try to instigate stuff and Sugsug would just want to be left alone.

From least to most troublesome? I think it would go like this:
Immy » Sugsug » Chunji » Bacon

Bacon would be the person who really wants to be helpful, and in doing so, accidentally messes everything up completely. XD

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What is your favorite dog breed?

I like mixed breed dogs, but if I have to choose an actual breed...Belgian Groenendael.

The dog in this photo has sadly passed away. Her name was Asha and her owners loved her very much and allowed me to save and use her photograph.

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Would you rather be in constant pain or have a constant itch?

Constant pain. I already kind of deal with it, anyway. Plus, with my allergies making my eyes itch constantly on top of it — I can confidently say I would rather have the pain than this.

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Out of Jinyoung, Baekhyun and Hoseok: Who would you rather be trapped in a room with ( for 24 hours )? Who would you rather go on vacation with ( for a week )? Who would you live with ( for a year )? NO REPEATS.

Basically I am choosing to spend a day, week, or year with people I do not 100% trust. THIS SEEMS LIKE A TERRIBLE IDEA. I'm struggling the most with who I would spend an entire year with, because I think the others would be easier to decide after that.

You probably could have predicted my answers.

YEAR: Jinyoung
WEEK: Baekhyun
DAY: Hoseok

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Would you rather be married to Dongwan for 5 years and it end in a messy divorce /or/ be married to Dongwan until old age but anytime you try to get intimate ( kissing / etc ) with him he turns into spider?

I would rather him turn into a spider, because I would never want him to be sad — although if the spider problem only happened when he was with me, he would probably want a divorce anyway. ㅠㅅㅠ At least I would be able to cook for him and listen to him talk and go on photography escapades with him.

Are we allowed to cuddle at all? Or does cuddling also cause the spider reaction? XD

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Would you rather meet any bias of your choice for a day or receive $10,000?

This is such a hard question. >< I would love to meet Dongwan for a day, but student loans are killing me and my allergies are literally killing me [I think I am on the road to bronchitis again] so I might have to pick the money so that I can get out of this terrible apartment. [cries] I would have to choose $10,000.

...but I am definitely using some of that money to fly to Korea for my grand kidnapping scheme.

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Would you rather go to a puppy cafe with Baekhyun or go to a dessert cafe with Jinyoung?

Puppy cafe with Baekhyun. Puppies. All the time puppies.

Can I have one of the puppies as a souvenir?

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Would you rather have #Gun in MX but he would never get along with (/hate) immy OR have #Gun become an average k-hip hop artist who is best friends with immy?

I would rather have Gunny become an average hip hop artist who is best friends with Immy. ><

It is probably not what he wants, but for my own selfish desires I would want them to be friends!

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Would you rather have a tsundere Jinyoung confessing his feelings to you or have a sexy Baekhyun try to seduce you?

A tsundere Jinyoung confessing his feelings to me, because sexy Baekhyun is very dangerous and confusing and I would prefer he be harmless and adorable and fluffy all the time.

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Do you think puppies or kittens are cuter?

...than human children? Yes, of course.

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You can erase any horrible experience from your past. What will it be?

Nothing; if I did that, I wouldn't be who I've become.

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You meet Yoonho in community college. The two of you share a few classes together — Digital Photography I, Black and White Photography I, and Painting I. You take classes like this as electives, to express yourself creatively and take a break from your logical and grueling computer science courses. He, on the other hand, takes these courses as part of his curriculum as an art major. You see him a lot and have even sat next to him from time to time. Your teacher is a little eccentric and believes in moving seats every week or so, "to grant new perspective." It's whispered that Yoonho is a pretty "weird" guy. His art, while definitively his own style, tends to mirror Dali's in terms of odd combinations of themes and images, and some of his art is downright "disturbing" to your classmates.

Yoonho is oddly private about his photography but frequently leaves his canvasses without covering them, so you catch sight of his paintings on a fairly regular basis. You find yourself seeking them out even when you don't sit together. Over time, you realize that his paintings have cleverly concealed messages. In a haunting scene of a woman lying in a somewhat compromising position with her neck bared. Two puncture wounds show very clearly on her flesh, and in the rivulets of blood trickling from them, you can read, "내꺼" —

As you're looking, you suddenly become aware of Yoonho standing behind you, almost uncomfortably close. "Well, 누나?" he demands impatiently, and you look at him in confusion. What does he want from you?

But he says nothing, his soft and seemingly innocent brown eyes fixated on yours. After a moment, he breaks the eerie stare and smiles, a harmless and even playful smile. "So," he says in his low, even voice, "you found them. I guess it's time."

You blink perplexedly. The more he talks, the more you have no idea what he's talking about. Suddenly, his long, graceful artist's fingers clasp around your wrist. Smudges of red and black ink are transferred from his fingertips to your skin. He pulls you into the dark room, where the black and white photography is developed. All students have access to this room, and you've been in here before. He hangs a sign on the door that says, "ROOM IN USE — DO NOT ENTER" and leans back against it with a bright smile that melts within seconds to a smirk.

"Haven't you been curious?" he asks you, still in that seemingly harmless, almost nonchalant tone, and you nod.

You look down into the murky water where a print is developing, and as the seconds tick by and the image becomes clearer, you see your own face. You gasp lightly, drawing back, but his hands on your shoulders hold you fast. "It's always been for you, 누나," he sighs happily, pulling you close. "It took you so long to find my messages — what took you so long?" As you withdraw from his arms, he wriggles his shoulders, bottom lip poking out in an endearing manner.

"누나, don't go. Don't you know you're already mine?"

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